Deadliest Teacher: the Matrix (part VIII)

deadliest teacher - dickens

Last time on Deadliest Teacher: The Matrix, Mr. Guillory and Coach Dickens had eliminated each other, and Mrs. Case and Coach Moser had already begun to duel. However, this duel was being fought with words.

“What do you mean you don’t want to fight me!” remarked Mrs. Case. “That’s so sexist!”

“No,” said Coach Moser “I’m not very sexist, I just don’t really feel like fighting right now. Maybe later.”

“Well if you won’t fight me, will you at least race me?”

“Fine, Mrs. Case, I will race you around the track, and the winner will be eliminated from Deadliest Teacher: The Matrix.”

Just then, a figure appeared in the distance. It was Mr. Carambat! “I also want to race with you. We will race around the track, and the losers will go away forever!”

“That sounds good,” agreed Mrs. Case and Coach Moser.

As the three faculty members walked towards Hunter Stadium, Mr. Baumgartner shot a fire arrow from the top of the stadium towards them.

“That was a warning shot! Y’all better go away, this is my spot!”

“Mr. Baumgartner, you can’t have all of Hunter Stadium. That’s not fair. We just want to race to see who can stay in the competition, so we need the track. If you want, you can race with us,” said Mr. Carambat.

“Very well. I will race you all. If I win, I will keep Hunter Stadium, and if any of you win, it’s yours.”

The four teachers walked together towards the track. Just then, Mrs. Jordan walked by.

“Hey guys! Are y’all fighting each other?

“No,” they replied. “We’re racing.”

“Oh cool. Ms. George and Mr. Marchese had a race down the stairs of Benilde Hall, but they were eliminated because running down stairs is against the rules. Can I race with you guys?” she asked.

“Sure!” the other teachers replied, and they all lined up at the starting line.

The racers began running for their lives. Mrs. Jordan tripped right out of the gate and hurt her knee. Mr. Carambat was in the lead, followed by Mrs. Case, then Mr. Baumgartner, then Coach Moser. Summoning all of his strength, Coach Moser caught up to Mrs. Case, and tackled her. He figured that if he couldn’t win, he was going to take someone else out with him. This left Mr. Carambat and Mr. Baumgartner together in the race. Mr. Carambat threw something at Mr. Baumgartner.

“I hope you like poison, Mr. Baumgartner!” exclaimed Mr. Carambat.

fairy barrettBut what Mr. Carambat didn’t realize was that he has thrown his fairy dust at Mr. Baumgartner instead of poison powder. Realizing what Mr. Carambat had thrown at him, Mr. Baumgartner began to believe in himself and think happy thoughts. The happier he thought, the more Mr. Baumgartner rose, and the faster he flew. Mr. Baumgartner flew past Mr. Carambat, winning the race, and eliminating Mrs. Case, Mr. Carambat, Mrs. Jordan, and Coach Moser in one fell swoop.

The time has come where only three teachers remain in the competition: Mr. Baumgartner, Mrs. Wiggins, and Coach Ancar. Who will win? Who will lose? Will other teachers earn their wings? Find out next time on Deadliest Teacher: the Matrix (part IX).

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