How Do You Prep for the ACT?

The ACT is a big topic amongst most juniors and seniors in high school, with it affecting college admissions and scholarships. How to prepare for the test depends on who you ask. People of different ages at St. Paul’s were asked how they will prepare and how they did prepare for taking the ACT.


wayjay“I am going to pay attention in school and to my teachers,” William James pre-freshman said. ” I’m just going to stay concentrated in class and do my best.”




idk“I will probably try to study a lot and go to a few of the classes they offer and go over the stuff with my counselors so I know what to expect,” freshman Jordan Wyble said. “I’ll also try to take it as many times as I can.”



leland“I’m reviewing Brother Ray’s vocabulary and additionally looking into reviewing practice tests,” sophomore Leland van Deventer said. “I think I will improve by 2 points. I took it on April 12. It was a formidable challenge, but I was up to the task.”


josephmason“I took it once, and my math score was the only score I needed help with,” junior Joseph Mason said. “I then got help from Mr. Glorioso with my math score. I saw him once a week for an hour.”



jacquillard“I bought an ACT prep book and did a subject each day until I got my scores where I wanted them to be,” senior Parker Jaquillard said.




miller“I recommend taking it once without any preparation just to see how you do,” Guidance Counselor Renee Miller said. “You should wait until 10th grade because it is better if you have taken Algebra II. Focus on your weaknesses. If you’re disciplined, study on your own, or get a tutor one-on-one or in a small group.”

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