Students Travel to LSL Conference in California

St. Paul's Lassallian Youth Leaders, Faculty, and alumni Collegians travel to Lassallian Youth conference in California. (photo courtesy Myrle Wiggins)
St. Paul’s Lassallian Youth Leaders, faculty chaperones, and alumni Collegians travel to Lassallian Youth conference in California. (photo courtesy Myrle Wiggins)

(Morago, Calif.) — During the summer, a group of current and former St.Paul’s School students attended a Lasallian leadership conference at St. Mary’s College in Moraga, Calif., known as Lasallian Student Leaders (LSL).

“It was an awesome experience,” said LSL attendee Lane Sumrall, a senior at St. Paul’s who is a member of Lasallian Youth Leaders, member of the varsity lacrosse team, and the senior drum major for the Marching Wolves.

“I learned a lot of leadership skills to help with the marching band and also come back and give back to St.Paul’s,” said Sumrall.

In addition to the 10 students (five seniors and five juniors) who made the trip, three SPS alumni joined the group as Collegians.

“As a Collegian at LSL, I am able to work with hundreds of students each summer and share many of the leadership skills I’ve learned over the years with the up and coming leaders of the schools in the District. By continuing to stay active in the Lasallian community, I am able to give back to the family that gave so much to me during my four years at SPS,” said LSL Collegian Andrew Mullet, who graduated from SPS in 2012 and currently attends LSU.

At the conference, attendees participated in classes and activities designed to show students how they could be leaders.

“One class was negotiation and resolution, where you learn how to talk to teachers about things you want to fix in school,” Sumrall said. “The last few days you were put into certain groups. I was on the pep rally committee, and you get together with your group, and we set up and put on a pep rally for the whole camp.”

Students who attended the LSL conference included Austin Grashoff, Lane Sumrall, Ben Hollingsworth, Matt Wallace, Jacob Authement, Brennan Knepper, Nick Oubre, Jack Donham, Patrick Stewart, and Adam Schmitt. Accompanying the students were faculty members Myrle Wiggins, Jeaneen Schmitt, and Brad Marchese, as well as SPS alumni collegians Andrew Mullet, Brian Schmitt, and Bobby Bayer.

The students returned to Covington after a week in Moraga with hopes of bringing what they learned back to SPS.


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