Wolf’s Eye View: Trying Ultimate Frisbee

image I remember the first time I heard that the school had an Ultimate Frisbee Team; I thought it sounded absolutely ridiculous. My opinion on the matter remained that way until the end of my junior year when I saw my friends tossing a frisbee around. The next thing I know, it’s the beginning of senior year, and I’m going to my first Dire Wolves practice. I had no idea what I was in for.

We started by warming up our throws. Groups of two or three covered the sandy, freshly-aerated practice soccer field, while swarms of white frisbees, also called discs, flew through the air. This was a good time to see where I ranked among the rest of the team; I soon realized I had my work cut out form me.

After about ten minutes of throwing, we started to run laps. My negligence to stay in shape over the summer soon caught up with me, as I made my first turn around the field. Thankfully, we only did two laps. From there, we broke off into two horizontal lines facing each other. We started throwing to the guy across from us from five yards, then ten, and eventually fifteen. At this point, things were kind of relaxing.

Once I had gotten used to throwing a disc, Coach added something a little more demanding: defense. We took turns trying to block each other’s passes. This made passing about four thousand times more difficult, because it requires the thrower to take a sideways lunge in order to out-maneuver the defender. It was very exhausting, to say the least.

The last thing we did was a scrimmage. The veterans of the team played a game against each other while Coach explained the rules of the game to the rest of us. One by one, the veterans swapped out with the new players, and before I knew it, I was playing Ultimate Frisbee, and enjoying it. Who knew?

Editorial note:

The St. Paul’s Dire Wolves ended the 2013-14 season as Louisiana state runners-up.


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