USC: The Brat of The PAC

Boston College ran wild over the Trojans defense in last week's game. (photo credit: Greg M. Cooper, USA TODAY Sports)
Boston College ran wild over the Trojans defense in last week’s game. (photo credit: Greg M. Cooper, USA TODAY Sports)

University of Southern California proves once again to be the dog with all bark and no bite, like they have for the past decade, as they fall to an unranked team early in the season. Due to exaggerated hype from the press, USC’S big ego defeats them once more in last Saturday’s loss.

USC went into their matchup against Boston College ranked No. 9 amongst college football’s top 25 and fell 31-37. In all fairness, BC is a good team and are receiving votes to be ranked. Both teams are 2-1 on the season, with BC falling to the Pittsburgh Panthers. Here is what most college football fans and experts have a problem with: USC beat a ranked Stanford team. So granted, they aren’t all that bad. It’s just that the Trojans are famous for this. They are also famous for scandals, coaching blunders, and not producing NFL talent. For example, there was the issue with the linebacker “saving his cousin,” and then their A.D. decided to be a referee. A replacement ref could do a better job.

Trojans Head Coach Steve Sarkisian shows a look of distaste for his team's performance. (photo credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports)
Trojans Head Coach Steve Sarkisian shows a look of distaste for his team’s performance. (photo credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports)

USC had great success in the past. They introduced the West Coast style offense and sat at the throne of the PAC-12. Now, they coast off of past success to be put in the rankings. They can do this because they have money. They act like that rich kid who has all the nice things, does whatever he wants, does poorly in school, doesn’t know the worth of a dollar, but knows he’s set thanks to daddy’s money. USC’s inheritance is running out. It won’t be long until the media stops giving them the undeserved hype they get at the beginning of each season.

It all starts with their recruiting. They used to recruit with ease. Now, unless an under table reaction is done, they struggle to sign four star caliber recruits. These scandals lead to bad coaches and players and makes it even harder to recruit. Their new coach seems ok, but it’s only a matter of time before they brainwash him, and he becomes a sub like Lane Kiffin.

That’s what is so scary about USC. The fact that they can be caught red-handed one step away from the death penalty and use it to their advantage. One example is they way they fired Lane Kiffin. They get away with things other schools couldn’t thanks to their checkbook, location, history, popular supporters, and their puppets among the press. Well, no more! It’s time the press and mass media stopped carrying USC.

Ultimately, who this hurts the most are the players. Fantastic high school prospects who have stunning collegiate careers like Matt Barkley, Mark Sanchez, Carson Palmer, and as Saints fans know, Reggie Bush have mediocre NFL careers since they never develop. USC builds up all this hype for them from the time they sign until the moment a team drafts them. Then as soon as one passenger is pushed off the USC street car, another one hops on. As long as they shine at USC and are drafted high, USC doesn’t seem to care.

So this story won’t change things, but it helps. USC will not live up to the hype as usual and will somehow be ranked in the top ten at the beginning of the 2015 season. As proof that the press is USC’s sugar daddy, look at the AP Poll, where they are ranked 17. Meanwhile, the USA Today and ESPN Power Rankings have them at 21. They will be unranked by the end of season, and the press will fight until death to keep them ranked until the no-brainer starts to become questioned. It would be great to see USC be a great team that plays by the rule book, but it’s time to end the brat’s reign.


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