Wolf of the Week – Eric Coston

State Champ
(photo courtesy Eric Coston)

This week’s Wolf of the Week is sophomore Eric Coston, a phenomenal student athlete, ranked as one of the state’s top runners in cross country and indoor and outdoor track. His first St.Paul’s school year as a freshman was a success, winning the personal state championship in cross country, a considerable feat at such a young age. Eric loves to be a St.Paul’s Wolf and represents the school very well, both in his sport and academically. Eric is very fun to talk to when sports is a topic. He is also a member of the school’s Student Hosts service organization during his off-time from training and competing. He does all these things while maintaining a 3.7 GPA average.

Eric Coston leads his cross country team to a state title, taking home the trophy for individual state champ. (photo credit: The Advocate)
Eric Coston leads his cross country team to a state title, taking home the trophy for individual state champ. (photo by John Oubre, The Advocate)

Here are some fun facts about this week’s Wolf of the Week:

  • 15 years old
  • Stands at 5’9” 135 Lbs
  • He is a good leader.
  • His favorite movie is “Fast and Furious 6”.
  • He plans on defending his state title.
  • He’s interested in the possibility of becoming an Olympic athlete, noting, “The thought of the Olympics would be really cool, and everyone else wants me to go there.”
  • When he goes to college, he would like to run for either Oregon, Oklahoma State, or Stanford.
  • During his off-time he likes to hang out with friends and go to the movies.
  • His favorite NBA team is the Portland Trails Blazers, and his favorite NFL team is the New Orleans Saints.
  • His hardest race to run was the regional 800 hundred from track last year.
  • He likes to run in downtown Covington north of the lakefront.
  • For Eric a day of practice is two hours, and if they don’t have practice they do a ten mile run either Saturday or Sunday.
  • He was the Amateur Athlete of the Month for the Allstate Sugar Bowl
  • The people that help Eric out the most are his mom and his dad.



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