New iPhones Spark Campus Debate

iPhones are by far the most popular phone choice on campus. The latest version, iPhone6 and 6 plus, are making their way onto campus. (photo credit:

iPhones are by far the most popular phone choice on campus. The latest models, iPhone 6 and 6 plus, were released in September to mixed reviews. (photo credit:

(COVINGTON, La.) — The recently released iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have made their way to St. Paul’s School campus, along with iOS8. Many updates came along with the major release of “the biggest iOS release ever,” including the new watch which is to be released early 2015, a health app, a new smart keyboard…the list goes on.

“The thing I like that most about the (iOS) update is that you can send voice memos in a text, and it is almost like you can rap battle. I really don’t have any problems with it,”  sophomore Jordan Kliebert said.

Another big update that Apple is releasing this month is the Apple Pay app. Apple is calling it “Your wallet, without your wallet.” Users can load all of their cards onto it, not just credit cards. All users would have to do is take out their phone and put it next to the card swipe, and the card reader takes the information.

Not all of the feedback on Apple’s new releases has been positive. According to Dan Woods, a columnist at Forbes, Apple Pay might be a bad addition.  Woods feels that the app would further divide people, causing people to have one less thing to talk about.

According to CNN, there have also been some reports of the iPhone 6 Plus actually bending in the pocket because it is so long and thin. Additionally, SPS students have reported many problems trying to update to the new iOS, including the phone battery draining, getting locked out, and taking over a day for the software to download.

According to an informal campus survey, the St. Paul’s campus community has an overwhelming majority of iPhone users, with an estimated  average of one Android or other phone user for every seven iPhone users, all of who have strong opinions about their choice of phone.

“The Androids are more customizable, and it has way more features than the iPhone,” said Android user Ethan Molitor.

“I have always had an iPhone, and it has always worked out, so I don’t want to change that,” said iPhone user Turner St.Romain.

“I have an iPhone because this is the one my wife got for me. I would like to smash it and throw it off the Causeway,” said Principal Trevor Watkins.

Although not all iPhone users like their phones, many people are very excited about all the new updates and the new phone, in general. According to Apple, the company sold over 10 million iPhone 6s  in the first weekend it was released.

The new iPhone is carried by AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile. The price for the new phone varies from $199 to $649, depending on the provider’s plans. Today, Apple also announced plans to unveil the iPad 6 on Thursday.


Senior Turner St. Romain is one of the estimated 85 percent of the campus population with an iPhone. (photo by Adam Satterlee)

Proud Android user, junior Ethan Molitor, has no intention of switching to iPhone.

Proud Android user, junior Ethan Molitor, has no intention to switch to iPhone. (photo by Adam Satterlee)

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