Lacrosse Game Yet Another Brick In the Wall to SPS, Jesuit Rivalry

(COVINGTON, La.) — Aside from the local high school rivalries St. Paul’s shares, there is one that continues to grow year in and year out, SPS versus Jesuit, which is sure to heat up in tomorrow’s lacrosse game on Jesuit’s home turf.

It’s Northshore vs. Southshore, and a match to determine who’s the boss of prep schools. Let’s face it, Jesuit and SPS are similar in many ways, but how are they different? The two schools regularly meet up in championships for soccer and lacrosse, and periodically play each other in football. They have developed a rivalry in rugby now, too. Both teams win some and lose some, however the main difference between the two is their fan base.

For the final soccer game of the season, and in Tad Gormley Stadium, the Wolves beat the Blue Jays 3-0 for the LHSAA Soccer State Championship. SPS fans came out in full force and pulled out all their famous chants and songs of victory, which left Jesuit fans wondering, “Why don’t we do something like that?” as they were left as silent as a church mouse on a Monday.

With this being the second time in a row now for the SPS/Jesuit battle for state soccer domination,  Reiss Thieler said they were nervous, but that they were bound to find their groove.

The Lacrosse Wolves will have to find their groove against the Jays tomorrow. The two foes will once again meet again for a crucial win in their season. The two powerhouses have been in this situation before, and know what to expect. So, what do you say to get these teams pumped?

“It’s one of those games that you don’t need anyone to say anything to  you to get excited,” said SPS Lacrosse Wolf, Dylan Futrell.

Reiss Thieler prepares to kick off. (Photo credit: Joey Michael photography)
Reiss Thieler prepares to kick off. (Photo credit: Joey Michael photography)
"Dylan Futrell is doing what he simply calls, «Making fools look dumb.»"
Dylan Futrell evades defenders, doing what he simply calls, “Making fools look dumb.” (photo credits Dylan Futrell)

For Futrell, the SPS/Jesuit rivalry is a great one for both fans and players, because it’s fun to be a part of. It’s clear to see where the fun comes in if you’re a fan, but what makes this game any different from the other ones as a player?

Futrell says as a player, what makes the rivalry great is that each team is giving it their best. Considering that Jesuit and SPS have met up in the Lacrosse Championship game a couple of times, plus numerous playoff games and regular season matches…well, you can say this is taking the term “grudge match” to a much higher meaning.

The Lacrosse and Soccer teams are not the only teams to clash with Jesuit in high stake games, as the newly founded Rugby team in only their second year of existence has recently taken the seasoned Jesuit team’s number one ranking in the Deep South Conference.

Both Thieler and Futrell are also Football Wolves, which fuels the rivalry they feel against the Blue Jays. Who could forget the amazing punt and game-winning kick that 2014 alumnus Grant Hebert made that night in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome?

No SPS sports fan could forget any of these moments, because the appreciation of not only the players, but the plays made by them is insurmountable by the fans of any other high school. SPS not only has elite student athletes, but elite student sections, too. The support from fans is something St. Paul’s takes pride in. Of course, it’s not just pride, it’s Wolf Pride.



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