LYS Delegates Recruit New Members

(COVINGTON,LA) — Every summer in the third week of July, as many as three hundred students attend a leadership camp on the campus of Louisiana State University called the Louisiana Youth Seminar (LYS).

Students interested in going to LYS. Sign up for information. (Photo Credit: Turner St.Romain)
Students interested in going to LYS sign up for information following a recent LYS presentation. (Photo by Turner St.Romain)

Many delegates hear about LYS through other students, otherwise known as delegates, who attended, speakers who come to the event, and from their parents.

“It is a great opportunity to meet new people and learn more about others and learn more about yourself,” said former delegate and councilor Harrison Gitz.

During the LYS session, many delegates grow and learn more about themselves. At the end of the week, many delegates fall in love with the camp.

“LYS is the most inclusive community that I have ever been a part of. It is a serious no-judgement society of teens from all around Louisiana and is unbeatable,” said sophomore Oliver Sibley.

According to former delegates, LYS includes activities that help delegates better themselves.

“There are different sessions throughout the week at LYS that really focus on helping you get to know yourself better,” said Gitz.

Many delegates attend LYS from all over the state, also many attend from out of state.

“Personally, I love being able to connect with people from all over. That no-judgement society that I talked about earlier is the most perfect place to make new friends of all unique types and from all different kinds of places,” said Sibley.

Student delegates from various backgrounds attend.

Future councilor Harrison Gitz, along with current councilors Will Barnett and Will Syll present to the interested students.
Future councilor Harrison Gitz, along with current councilors Will Barnett and Will Syll present to the interested students.

“Pretty much from all over Louisiana, but there are some the come from other states as well, with a good bit coming from Texas,” said Gitz.

LYS offers students the ability to meet people from areas of the state that they wouldn’t meet otherwise.

“Many people come from the smaller towns like Berwick and other small towns that many teens have never heard of. They come from all the cracks and crevices of Louisiana,” said Sibley.

Students interested in learning more about LYS are encouraged to visit their website at

“You can also register to go to camp through the website,” said Gitz.

(Photos by Turner St. Romain)

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