GODSPELL Will Leave Audiences Speechless [slideshow]

(COVINGTON, La. ) — Every five years, Denny Charbonnet, the director of the St. Paul’s Marian Players, directs the spring musical “GODSPELL.” It is the story of Jesus Christ’s parables from the Gospel of Matthew, along with his crucifixion and resurrection. However, anyone can enjoy the show, no matter what religion they hold dear.

With its constant movement of song and dance, one forgets the show is religious. Instead of focusing on the Christian faith, one finds themselves laughing at jokes and picking up good moral lessons. Of course, losing oneself in a world of good and fun should be how we view religion naturally, but in today’s world, it is a stretch. The fact that the play itself has such a natural feel to it is what makes it so unique. After all, there are plenty of plays with storylines that are based on underlying religious themes, but since GODSPELL is so easy to comprehend, it is natural and unique for an audience.

Another unique characteristic of St. Paul’s production of GODSPELL is that the original production has a cast of twelve; Charbonett has made it into a cast of sixty plus.

However, that makes it rather special for the cast, as well. When off-stage, Bradley Del Rio, who portrays Jesus in the play, says the whole experience makes him “strive to be more like Christ.”

Caitlin Smith, who sings “Light of the World,” along with other songs throughout the play, says that “Light of the World” is her favorite, because like the play itself, the song is unique. This song has a tremendous blend of genres, with her singing along with senior Josh Nunez, who raps in the play as well. Nunez has been in five plays, while Smith is on her third.

Grace Dumdaw, who sings in “Learn Your Lessons Well,” “Bless the Lord,” and “Day by Day,” says the songs “bring it all together.”

Without giving too much away, here’s a quick presentation of feature parts of the show, along with some more quotes from its actors on what makes GODSPELL so special:

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To conclude, if it wasn’t for the quotes I got from the cast, I wouldn’t have been able to write this, because this play left me without words. GODSPELL will leave you speechless and in awe, thanks to the theatrical mind of Charbonnet, her crew of directors, and the young, energetic, and captivating cast and crew. The show continues its run tonight through Sunday, March 29. Get the hot ticket in town now, if you can, because they’re selling out faster and faster “Day by Day.”

(Onstage photos by David McDonnel and backstage photos by Nico Arcuri.)

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