Time to Submit Senior Bequests

Senior WillsEach year, as the senior class winds down and prepares for collegiate life, the senior class wills are released, illustrating the legacy that each senior wishes to leave behind to a younger student for the coming year. This has become a sought-after Paper Wolf tradition that has lasted for years. As the school year begins to draw to a close, we at the Paper Wolf are sending out a call for seniors to submit their senior wills. We hope that we can collect bequests from the whole of the senior class, so we need all seniors to send them in. Bequests should be in keeping with school code (remember, Bro. Ray will be reading them) and kept short — three sentences maximum. Seniors are also asked to include their college of choice and intended major, as per the example below from the Class of 2013 Senior Wills

I, Jonathan Damare, bequeath my obnoxious theatrical behavior to Samuel Giberga, and my love of BBC to Michael Stewart. USM/ Musical Theater

•  •  •

Send all senior bequests to casey.fitzmaurice.2015@stpauls.com by Friday, April 17.


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