Lacrosse Wolves Enter Final Four Saturday

Lax Wolves prepare to meet Holy Cross for "Senior Night" on March 28. The Wolves won that game 23-2.
Lax Wolves prepare to meet Holy Cross for “Senior Night” on March 28.
The Wolves beat Holy Cross 23-2. (photo by Herb Flood)

(COVINGTON, La.) — The St. Paul’s Lacrosse team, also known as Lax, has been in the playoffs for the past five years in a row, and placed second in state the last three. This year, they are entering the Final Four once again, hoping to bring home the state championship this weekend.

What the team is looking forward to most is playing Jesuit High in the finals again, if they both make it there. As in Soccer, the championship Lacrosse game often comes down to what is known on campus as “The Battle of the Blues.” When asked what the Wolves will do differently this year if they do face Jesuit in a championship rematch, team co-captain John Paul Juge simply says, “Beat Jesuit.”

Lax started at SPS in 2008 and has been growing ever since, with the team making it in the playoffs every year except for the first year it started.

This year’s team captains include Connor Lu, Hunter Simonson, Max Gold, and John Paul Juge. They have all been in this situation before. As captains, it is their responsibility to take care of the team.

“Since our team is so young this year with about 13 sophomores, the captains have to really focus on controlling the emotions of the team,” Simonson said.

This season is a bit different from the last in that the team has had 20 or more seniors in past years, but now only have nine seniors this season. The youth of the team has also affected they way they practice.

“We’re not focusing on the way we used to practice,” said Simonson. “Now if we mess up in practice, rather than being punished, we talk through the mistake and try to fix it for the future.”

For the past three years, SPS has faced Jesuit in the finals, but has lost all three battles.

“I look forward to our shot at winning the championship, no matter who we have to play,” said Juge.

The Wolves compete in the semi-finals against C. E. Byrd High School on Saturday in Shreveport at Lee Hedges Stadium at 6 p.m., which follows the match between Jesuit and St. Thomas More at 3 p.m. The winners of each match will play in the championship game on Sunday at 1 p.m. in the same location.


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