St. Paul’s Politicians Show Personality During Campaign

Newly elected Student Council Executive Board for the 2015-16 school year. Pictured are:     (photo by Karen Hebert)
The newly elected Student Council Executive Board for the 2015-16 school year hopes to bring change. Pictured are: Logan Haydel, Treasurer; Adam Schmitt, Vice President; Leland van Deventer, President; and William Murphy, Secretary. (photo by Karen Hebert)

Logan Haydel, Adam Schmitt, Leland van Deventer, and Will Murphy were recently elected as St. Paul’s Student Council Executive Board and are looking to make an impact in the 2015-16 school year.

“I look forward to working with next year’s student council,” president Bro. Ray Builliard, FSC, said. “They are a hardworking and charismatic group of young men. They are filled with promise, and I thank them for being willing to serve.”

Most politicians are cut and dry, but that is unheard of at St. Paul’s. The elections may be over, but the fun starts here. During the campaign, the young politicians running for various seats showed character and wit, but most of all, creativity. Presidential runner-up Austin Grashoff’s campaign was one of political beauty to the students, but nothing more than a family tradition to a member of the SPS version of Camelot.


Austin Grashoff and his brothers form the mighty SPS Camelot- photo courtesy of Andy Grashoff
Austin Grashoff and his brothers form the mighty SPS Camelot.
(Grassoff photo courtesy of Andy Grashoff)

The Grashoff family has had strong political ties at St. Paul’s. Presidential runner-up Austin Grashoff and all four of his brothers have participated in Student Council. Just as the Kennedy legacy was the Camelot of Washington, the Grashoff legacy has been the Camelot of St. Paul’s. Despite losing the presidential race, he has served on Student Council since he first arrived at St. Paul’s.

Leland Van Deveter threw his hat into the ring and won. Well done Mr. President.- 'photo courtesy of St. Paul's'
Leland van Deventer threw his hat into the ring and won. Well done, Mr. President.
(van Deventer photo credit: Chris Rogers)

There have been many presidents who have worn cowboy hats, and Leland van Deventer will now be one of them upon winning the SPS presidential election. Though he is not wearing one in the photo above, he managed to pull off the look with style during his campaign speech. His brother, Ashton van Deventer, known on campus as Dr. Phil, may not have won his election for treasurer like his brother, but you can buy his book The 20/20 Diet.

As for other noteworthy campaigns, Yehia Elkersh used his Egyptian heritage as the theme of his marketing efforts, which is appropriate when running for treasurer since the Egyptians are credited with inventing algebra. Opponent Harrison Prieto had his campaign for treasurer endorsed by Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, but unfortunately, NFL running backs and politics do not mix. In a tight race against these two creative opponents, however, Logan Haydel won the coveted prize.

Win or lose, these candidates will still play a role in the 2015-2016 school year. These young, creative minds will be looking to make waves amongst the St. Paul’s community.

Political season may be over for this year, but hopefuls are already making plans for next year’s campaign. The sky is the limit to political campaigns at St. Paul’s; the only thing that is certain is the creativity bar has been set high for next year’s up-and-coming politicians.


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