New Electives Bring New Opportunity

(COVINGTON, La.) — The students of St. Paul’s School have selected their class electives for the 2015-2016 school year. To enhance that experience, St. Paul’s added three new electives for the upcoming school year: Philosophy, Media Production, and Engineering Design and Development.

Religion Teacher Austin Ashcraft brings Philosophy to St. Paul’s. He has a philosophy degree to aid him in his instruction.

Teacher Austin Ashcraft is set to teach Philosophy next year.

“I like to think, and also I like helping others think,” said Ashcraft.

According to Ashcraft, his Philosophy class will include metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics. According to Merriam-Webster, Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that studies “the basic causes and nature of things.” Epistemology is the study of knowledge and its truth. Lastly, ethics is about a branch of philosophy dealing with what is morally right or wrong.

When asked how many students he will have in his class, Ashcraft said, “Too many.” To narrow the number, he had interested students write an essay about why they signed up to take the class.

Another new elective is Media Production, taught by Brad Guillory, and is based off of Guerilla Wolves News. Guerilla Wolves News is a special broadcast for the students to watch on Wolf TV, the school’s closed circuit TV system, in the morning after announcements on a varying days. Guillory has been running the Guerilla Wolves for seven years and thinks it is time to make the organization a class.

Teacher Brad Guillory to bring the Media Production to SPS. 

Since St. Paul’s Hunter Stadium has a new Jumbotron, the class will also be making new designs to be displayed at home games. Up until now, Guerilla Wolves was purely an after-school activity, but Guillory states that he needs more people and more time during the day for the organization. There are currently 29 students signed up for this class. As a condition of the class, students will also be required to work with Guerilla Wolves outside of class.

In addition to his personal experience working with production equipment, Guillory credits his students for helping him get Guerilla Wolves into the classroom.

“I know everything because of the talented students I have,” Guillory said.

Teacher John Carambat sits atop one big idea. (Photo by Jordan Kliebert)
Teacher John Carambat sits atop one “big idea” from this year.

Lastly, John Carambat will teach the new Engineering Design and Development course, a small class of about five students who are already in the engineering program. The class is purposely limited in size because of how the class will be conducted. Students will come up with an idea that they will present to investors to receive funding. They will then proceed to creating plans, models, and testing. They will then present their results to their investors.

“This (class) is another program from Project Lead The Way,” Carambat said. “It is basically the Big Idea on steroids.”

According to the school’s administration, these three new classes create opportunities both for students who want to expand their knowledge of a particular subject or for those who want to explore a possible field of study past high school.

(Photos By Jordan Kliebert) 


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