Student Art Show Brings Color to St. Paul’s

Art lovers walk the rows of displays that line the walls of the Briggs Assembly Center for the annual Art Show. Works included sculptures, graphite drawings, wood cut print, and acrylic paintings.
Sophomore Oliver Sibley and Art teacher Andrew Dart at the Art show having a great time. (Photo credit By Jordan Kliebert
Sophomore art student Oliver Sibley and Art teacher Andrew Dart enjoy the variety of works at the annual student Art Show.

(COVINGTON, La.)– Last week, St. Paul’s School put on the annual Art Show in the school’s Briggs Assembly Center, hosted by Art teachers Gerald Ancar and Andrew Dart to feature the variety of projects created by art students throughout the year.

“The art program grows yearly,” Dart said. “It is a balancing act as we start with brand new students each year while still needing to keep things new and fresh for everyone involved.”

The show also brings out the imagination of the students, as it is a great time to relax and take in all of their fellow students’ work.

“I like that we can show the art of the students in one place,” Dart said. “The students mount their work and are given name and title placards for their pieces. I feel like most students are impressed with what they have accomplished once it is on display in a formal setting, or as formal as the Briggs Center can get,” Dart said.

The showing, which lasted for several days, drew a large number of both students and parents.

“We always get compliments from both students and parents about how surprised they are with the talent on display,” Dart said, “but I am quick to remind them that we simply show them how to demonstrate their own talents.  They’re still making the same lines with a pencil that they could have without us.”

(Photos by Jordan Kliebert)

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