SPS Celebrates Another Award-Winning Year In Sports

These senior athletes of 2015 received special accolades from the school at the athletic awards ceremony of Thursday, May 14. Pictured are (back) Cade Cowen, Declan Moennich, Michael Brands, William Kenyon, William Saucier and (front) Peyton Cuccia, Beau Briggs, Ryan Keller, Collin Hanley, David Durand, and John-Paul Juge
(photo by Nico Arcuri)

The St. Paul’s Wolves year of sports has came to a close with seven district championships, two parish championships, two regional championships, two state runner-ups, two state championships, and a national champion to top things off. Academic excellence is required at St. Paul’s, but excellence in sports has also become expected from the athletic Wolves.

Football: District Champions

Cross Country: District, North Shore Metro champs and 4th in State

Soccer: State Champions, 1st in the Nation

Wrestling: District and Parish Champions, 6th in State

Power Lifting: 3rd in state, Regional Runner-up

Track: District and Parish Champions, 5th in State, Regional Runners-up

Golf: 3rd in Regionals, 7th in State

Lacrosse: District Champions, State Runner-up

Gymnastics: MVP Colin Skinner

Baseball: District Champions

Tennis: Regional Champions

Rugby: State and Regional Champions

Bowling: Peter Bertucci 2nd in Region

Swimming: 2nd in Regionals, 3rd in Metro, 5th in State

Basketball: District Champions

Ultimate Frisbee: 3rd in State

•  •  •

You can read here about the senior athletes that will be taking their games to the collegiate level. During last Thursday’s school-wide athletic awards ceremony, these soon to be collegiate athletes, along with team champions, record breakers, and tie breakers were awarded for the final time in 2015. In addition to awards, recognition was given to Trey Couvillion for his outstanding loyalty to Wolves athletics and for serving as announcer during soccer games. Award results are posted below.

Outstanding Freshman Athletes: Jared Thieler and Cameron Vidal

Outstanding Sophomore Athlete: Christian Roberts

Outstanding Junior Athlete: Harrison Prieto

Jason Whittle Award for dedication: Peyton Cuccia, David Durand, Jean-Paul Juge, Ryan Keller, William Kenyon, Declan Moennich, and William Saucier

C.L. Marcotte Award for athletics, academics, sportsmanship, and character: Beau Briggs

Eddie Polk Award for senior dedication: Michael Brands and Cade Cowen

Jimmy Dunn Award for most outstanding senior athlete: Colin Hanley

A recap of the entire 2014-15 sports season was presented during the awards ceremony and can be viewed below.

Year in Review Slide Show

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