BeoWulves Write New Chapter in Club’s History

Senior Austin Grashoff and freshman Evan Fisher peruse archived issues of The Maelstrom, co-produced by the BeoWulves writing club and the Graphic Design Club. (photo by Kyle Hladky)

(COVINGTON, La.) — School is like a story; it has a beginning, middle, and end. No one is more dedicated to writing these stories than the BeoWulves writing club.

“(The BeoWulves) do various things based around the common interest of writing,” said club president, Cray Pennison. “The club has mandatory meetings every Mondays and Wednesday, but meet almost every day at lunch to talk about a variety of topics, including personal goals, helping others to improve, group goals, and current metas of writing.”

Club member AJ LaCroix explains that these “metas” of writing can include everything from the different types of narration to the differences between a trope and a cliché.

“All these meetings are meant to improve the group’s writing potential, but also learn a few new literary tricks and increase their knowledge of the medium,” LaCroix said.

The BeoWulves also are avidly interested in any writing contests they can find, with almost every member of the club entering into non-mandatory contests just for the sheer joy of writing. One such contest is St. Paul’s own Maelstrom, a semi-annually publication collaboration between the Graphic Design Club and the BeoWulves that happens at the conclusion of the second and fourth quarters.

“It’s a quite ambitious project that combines the amazing short stories being written and told in BeoWulves with the incredible cover art for the stories courtesy of the Graphic Design Club’s artists,” Pennison said. “While the (Maelstrom) contest is almost exclusively entered by BeoWulves, it’s open to every St. Paul’s student to enter and possibly win some of the cash prizes.”

According to Pennison, the BeoWulves have experienced a sharp decline in membership in the past year following the exit of the class of 2015, meaning that the club is actively pursuing new membership, especially among the underclassmen who will be able to continue BeoWulves into the foreseeable future.

“Anyone with a love of writing is more than welcome to join the BeoWulves,” Pennison said.” Everyone has a creative spark and something to contribute to the club.”

Anyone seeking membership is invited to go to club moderator Brad Guillory’s classroom, room 104 in the main school building, during lunch on Monday or Wednesday.




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