Founders Week Explores Origins of Lasallian Mission

Founders Week

(COVINGTON, La.) — Founders Week, a time of tradition and reflection, has arrived at St. Paul’s once again this week. After the move from April to October, Lasallian Youth Leaders (LYL) have been busy with hasty preparations for festivities and activities all throughout the week. Executive board meetings have run late into the night, with heated debates over things such as prizes, games, and themes.

Beginning Monday with a prayer service for peace, the week has been following a strict schedule, with each day representing one of the Five Core Principles of the Lasallian Schools — respect for all persons, quality education, concern for the poor and social justice, faith in the presence of God, and inclusive community.

“It is a community-building event. I hope that the students become closer as a grade level and that they enjoy the week,” Club moderator Jeaneen Schmitt said of the week as a whole. “I think that Founders Week gives the Lasallian Youth Leaders a chance to help educate the school community about the Five Core Principles.”

Founded back in the Fall of 2007, LYL has always considered the Five Core Principles one of  its most pressing and urgent issues. Numerous weeks out of the year are devoted to the principles through both the 5 Core Rally for incoming eighth graders and the traditional Founders Week. The form for Founders Week finds its core within the origins of the school itself and the founder of Lasallian philosophy, St. John Baptist de la Salle.

“Through the Five Core Principles, we can have a greater appreciation for the world around us through community, faith, and service,” long time LYL member Austin Grasshoff said of the week’s true purpose. “Through the principles, we can see a new world and a new perspective and not just what’s on our campus. By devoting a whole week, we have a greater appreciation for the world around us, and we can become better citizens of our community.”

The week will culminate on Friday with a Field Day divided by grade level that will both strengthen class unity and promote healthy competition between the different levels. However, the day of athletics and games is not the true purpose of the week. The week serves as a more real and believable connection to the somewhat abstract principles of de la Salle. With each day given a special focus and purpose, a student is able to experience all the principals in a spaced out and understandable way.

“Personally, my first Founders Week experience was very important to me because it really immersed me into the St. Paul’s life and school,” Grasshoff said. “I felt like I became part of the 100-year tradition. Through the years, I’ve loved all the prayer services, assemblies, and field days because it has deepened my love, my respect, and my faith in the school and what it’s teaching me.”



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