Old to New Gym: The Transition [slideshow]

The entire St. Paul’s student body processed on Oct. 6 into the new gym to attend the first President’s assembly held there since it’s opening. After nearly a year’s anticipation and a foreword by SPS Principal Trevor Watkins in the old gym, students finally got to take their first steps into the future of St. Paul’s athletics.

After the daily morning announcements that Tuesday, students walked to the old gym to find they had to sit on the floor, due to the bleachers being pushed in.  After Watkins’ foreword, students were invited to process two-by-two, as if onto the ark, to the new gym to greet President Bro. Ray Bulliard, FSC, for the first President’s Assembly held there.

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  1. […] several, wooden fixtures utilized around campus. Furthermore, Bro. Alfred laid the floor in the Old Gym, as well as a small section of the floor in the New Gym. Aside from construction efforts, Bro. […]



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