Philosophy Class Presents Poetic Pieces (VIDEO)

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(COVINGTON, La.) — Austin Ashcraft‘s philosophy class presented poems of at least 20 lines on Thursday, Dec. 3, 2015, at St. Paul’s School to aid in their study of human nature and the arts.

“We’ve been reading through a book called ‘Leisure’ by Josef Pieper which talks about the nature of what man is,” Ashcraft said, “and as we were reading through it in class I decided it would be a cool exercise to have the guys… put some time into something… to allow (for) a greater appreciation for the arts.”

The presentations were attended by teachers Brad Guillory, Myrle Wiggins, Denny Charbonnet, and Robert Simpson, who punctuated his entrance through Benilde Hall’s retractable curtain wall with a poetry presentation of his own.

“Having the teachers there was really awesome,” Ashcraft said. “They each brought their own unique spirit to it.”

In addition to Simpson, the other teachers each presented a piece of poetry themselves. This, along with dynamic student presentations, added to the effectiveness of the exercise for students.

“Nick Isolani’s (presentation) was pretty awesome,” Ashcraft said. “The epic movie score in the background got me pretty jacked up.”

The class, in its first year, provides a new learning experience for those looking to delve deeper into the mysteries of life. Ashcraft says this new learning angle gives students an enjoyable experience.

“I thought it was super rad, and I think everybody enjoyed it,” Ashcraft said. “The enthusiasm in the air was… palpable, and it was way cool.”

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(Photos and video by Nick Ashton)



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