Gift Ideas for Teenage Boys

As your student gets older, gift buying gets stressful. They are not little kids anymore. If you give them GI-Joes and underwear, expect fake happiness and maybe a tantrum. These gifts need pizzazz, or razzle dazzle. Here are my seven suggestions on gifts that will turn your C-student into an honor roll student (or at least make him a happy student).


  1. 2015-hot-selling-hover-board-smart-selfHoverboard

Of course, I had to put the most talked about device of 2015 at the top of this list. These gadgets run from $200 to $700. I know the price is a bit steep, but what do you expect when Hoverboards make it cool to be too lazy to use your two God given legs. Hoverboards are essentially a segway that doesn’t make you look like Paul Blart the Mall Cop. They are controlled through balance, so be careful…one wrong move and they’ll have a concussion to go with their new hoverboard. Also be prepared to do some research on reliable brands and beware that there have been multiple incidents of various brands of boards catching on fire.


  1. Spotify  spotify-logo-primary-vertical-dark-background-rgb

Music is all around us, yet the love of music can be expensive. However, the time for iTunes gift cards has passed. With Spotify Premium, you can access a bonanza of music for only $10 a month. But act quickly, because right now Spotify has a deal for $1 for 3 months. Your music enthusiast may pop in his headphones and zone you out for hours, but who cares when they’re happy.


  1. Fan gear Nike-Drew-Brees-Jersey

Louisiana sports teams have a way of letting down their fans. If you can make it happen, somehow get your son a winning season from the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans. I know this may seem impossible, so why not settling for some fan gear. Who knows, the money you spend purchasing a jersey may contribute to the Saints being able to acquire a solid tight end, and Drew Brees wouldn’t even have to take a pay cut.


  1. Video games 1429289031-star-wars-battlefront-key-art

If your student is a video gamer of any kind, think about purchasing the new Xbox One or the PS4, the latest big name consoles. The Xbox One and PS4 run for $300, and the average video game costs $50 to $60. There are some age approved games out there that your son will love. but beware your son does not want to play a cute and cuddly game where the goal is to help an old lady across the street; they want to do stuff that they would never think of doing in real life.


  1. Sports gearNike-Mercurial-Superfly-FG-Soccer-Cleats-Black-Green

A lot of St. Paul’s students are involved in athletic activities on and off campus. Athletes love to play well and look fresh doing it. Swag your son out with most stylish cleats, shoes, gloves, sticks, bats, etc. He might not be the #1 in the nation, but he can be #1 in looking good– unless he plays St. Paul’s soccer, then he’s just both.


  1. Netflixunnamed(4)

If you don’t already know, Netflix is a subscription that lets you access hundreds of movies and TV shows. Netflix has three different options, including standard video for $7.99 a month, HD video for $9.99, and ultra HD video for $11.99 — the best part is the first month is free for all three options. This gift can be enjoyed by the whole family — from family movie night to holiday binge watching.


  1. It’s still the kingcash-reserves1

If none of these options interest you in the slightest, try handing them a fat wad of cash or a small wad of it. Who really cares — you provide them shelter, a great education, love, and food. Christmas shouldn’t even be about the gifts, it’s about being together with your loved ones. But if you’re stumped for a gift, put the responsibility of pleasing them into their own hands. With money they can buy anything that they’ll get bored with in about six months on their own.

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