Panthers on the Prowl for Super Bowl 50

Many young players dream that one day they will compete in the Super Bowl. For the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos, that dream is becoming a reality. The 15-1 Panthers take on the 12-4 Broncos on the biggest stage of football, Super Bowl 50, this Sunday. This match up has the country talking about who will win, as the two number one seeds from their separate conferences will face off. Personally, I feel as though this game will have a mix of stellar offense and show-stopping defense as perfect as the mix of chocolate and peanut butter.

It’s an American tradition to make your pick and final score for championship known. It is also a tradition never to talk about it again if your pick lost the big game, so I’ll do exactly that. I’m going to have to jump on the bandwagon and pick Carolina to win it all. By halftime, if they are losing, I may have to root for the Broncos. But, Carolina just seems like the most logical pick this year. They nearly went undefeated, and despite facing only mild competition all year, I have faith in the dream team. With Jonathan Stewart, Greg Olsen , and of course Cam Newton running the offense, and Josh Norman and Luke Kuechly killing it on defense, Carolina just feels like the obvious pick.

Napolean Dynamite's Uncle Rico would make a better QB choice for the Broncos.
Napolean Dynamite’s Uncle Rico would have a better chance against the Panthers defense than Peyton Manning. (Image ©Fox Searchlight Pictures)

I feel especially confident in a Panthers pick due to Peyton Manning’s last Super Bowl choke. Plus, this season he’s only had nine touchdown passes and 17 interceptions. The Broncos would be better off with Uncle Rico from “Napoleon Dynamite” as their quarterback. It’s a shame to think that this could be Peyton’s last game, but the Panthers defense will eat the future Hall of Famer alive.

I hope from the bottom of my heart that the game play does not make me want to tune out towards the halftime show, even though I’m expecting a blowout win from the Panthers. I am so confident in the Panthers that I have been saving money for two months now for friendly wagers. In fact, if the Panthers lose, I will buy a Peyton Manning jersey and tweet a picture of me wearing it on the Paper Wolf twitter feed.



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