‘Joseph’ to Make A Return, Colors and All

Joseph (Oliver Sibley) is reunited with his brothers years after he is sold into slavery. 
(Photo by AJ LaCroix)

(COVINGTON, La.) — A classic campus favorite production has returned once again to the Alumni Memorial Theater after an absence of almost eight years.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor® Dreamcoat,” opening Wednesday, March 9, 2016, tells the story of Joseph from the book of Genesis. With charming narration, an endearing main character, and varied musical styles, the play promises something for everyone.

This marks the third time the Marian Players have produced the show in conjunction with Director Denny Charbonnet.

“I love the show. The show’s beautiful,” Charbonnet said. “It’s joyful, it’s upbeat, it’s fun, it’s funny. It has a mix of comedy and various musical genres.”

Mrs. Potiphar (Amelia Hoffeld) tries to entice Joseph (Sibley) during his time in Egypt.
(Photo by AJ LaCroix)

The play centers around the biblical story of Joseph and his eleven brothers set centuries before the birth of Christ. Beginning with Joseph being sold into slavery by his brothers over envy and jealousy, the play observes Joseph’s faith, hopelessness, and overall  devotion to God as he attempts to overcome all that life has dealt him.

This theme of forgiveness and mercy can be seen over and over again throughout the show. It is the mercy of Pharaoh that saves Joseph from a life spent in prison; it is Joseph’s forgiveness of his brothers that ultimately reunites his entire family; and it is all together the mercy of God that gives Joseph all he has.

“The message of mercy, compassion, and forgiveness is the key reason why we do it,” Charbonnet said. “Also, this is the year of mercy. Our Holy Father has declared it the year of mercy, so it really is the perfect time to do Joseph.”

While this same story has been told many times by the Marian Players, each cast presents something new to the show.

“This cast always brings something unique,” Charbonnet said. “Each cast brings part of their own personality. We’re exploring all of that. There is such a joy and a freshness about this cast and a genuine electricity about doing the show. There’s a real joy and excitement about it and about being with each other.”

Joseph (Sibley) and Jacob (Nick Oubre) share a moment after they are reunited at the finale of the show. (photo by AJ LaCroix)

The leading cast includes Oliver Sibley as Joseph, Emily Ruli and Caitlian Smith as the Narrators, Nick Oubre as Jacob, Margaret Baglow, Hailey Bereziuk, and Cathleen Sanborn as the Trio, Bradley delRio as Reuben, Shane Davis as Simeon, Patrick Stewart as Levi, Sam Kenney as Napthali, Chris Damare as Isaachar, Regan Hill as Asher, Jack Fleming as Dan, Spencer Albright as Zebulun, Nico Arcuri as Gad, Kyle Shiell as Benjamin, and Justin McClesky as Judah.

Additional characters are played by Sam Nuss as Potiphar, Amelia Hoffeld as Mrs. Potiphar, Brady Meibaum as the goat, Isaac Hebert as Pharoh, AJ LaCroix as the Butler, John Baglow as the Baker, Colin Patrick, Austin Hays, Michael Oubre, and Tyler Chelena as Potiphar’s Men, Alex Prokop, Chris Wallace, Tyler Fair, and Evan Vamprine as Pharaoh’s Guards, and Ethan Hopel, Elias Simpson, Josh Rovira, Gage Diez, and Zac Russ as the Ishmaelites.

A Choir composed of Julia Albright, Beth Caznavette, Claire DiCorte, Chloe Charbonnet, Emma Hladky, Amelia Hoffeld, Ellie Wright, Grace Pierson, and Abby Hays also perform and back up numbers in the show. They are joined by a Chorus made up of Ceci Falkenstein, Grace Seghers, Ella Bereziuk, Madeline Bechac, Sarah Hoerner, Anna Kate Broussard, Tanner Rapier, Katie Wright, Abby Ketelsen, Amanada Scheyd, Anna Hummel, Heather O’Mahony, and Caroline Sanborn.

Dancers include Sofia Rivera, Kerrigan Jackson, Amanda Foto, Genna Jordan, Grace Grundmann, Catherine McWilliams, Lily Huval, Kate Rovira, Elizabeth Krutzfeld, and Caroline Krutzfeld.

Musicians for the show include Musical Director Bro. Ken Boesch, FSC, on piano, James Killeen on bass and keyboard, Randy Lanier on drums, and Nick Ashton on percussion.

Charbonnet is supported by a dedicated production group including Assistant/Technical Director Barrett Baumgartner, Set Coordinator Michael Boudreaux, Lighting Designer Ellen Lipkos, Costume Designer and Choreographer Elise Angelette, Vocal Coach Shawn Patterson, and Stage Manager Addison Nick. Crew members include Christian Thibodeaux on light board and Ford Brasher, David D’Antonio, and Luke Vargas on follow spot.

Additional credit goes to Parent Coordinator Trisha Stewart, Evette Thatcher and Renee Sibley for costume construction, Sarah Caffery for tickets and poster distribution, Jenny Pierson and Angela Rovira for concessions, Jenny Pierson and Christine Baglow for preview night, Kathy Oubre and Robin Scheyd for the cast party, Janet McRae, Stephanie Ruli, Gabby Grundmann, Cindy Shiell, Cindy Hoerner, Megan Henshaw, Shelley Falkenstein, Lisa Jackson, Plam Fair, Susan Fleming, and Jennifer Meibaum for makeup, Kim Hill and Trisha Stewart for the food program, and AJ LaCroix, Karen Hebert, and Christi Simoneaux for publicity.  The play poster and program were designed by Sophia Angelette with graphic design by Dustin Simoneaux.

Performance dates are Mar. 10, 11, 12, 15, 17, 18, and 19 at 7 p.m. and on Mar. 13 and 20 at 3 p.m. Tickets will be $10 for students and $15 for adults and are available by contacting St. Paul’s School at (985) 892-3200 (ext. 0) or can be purchased at Braswell Drugs on Tyler St. in Covington.

“Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor® Dreamcoat” is produced through exclusive arrangement with R&H Theatricals and The Really Useful Group Limited. TM 1991 The Really Useful Group Limited.

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