SPS Commemorates St. Joseph’s Altar

(COVINGTON, La.) — Dr. Ann Kay Logarbo, with the help of an army of volunteers, set up a St. Joseph’s Altar on Monday, March 7, in the Briggs Assembly Center made to feed over 1,000 St. Paul’s students and faculty. Logarbo, having a long standing devotion to St. Joseph, takes two weeks off of work every year to dedicate full attention to the altar.

“The food is beautiful and elaborate,” said volunteer Tricia Cooper, “and all of the details and descriptions of the symbols on the altar are beautiful as well.”

The St. Joseph Altar, or St. Joseph Table, originated on the island of Sicily. The people of Sicily were in a large famine, and the people prayed to their patron, St. Joseph, for consolation of the drought. To their relief, water fell from the skies, and giving praise to St. Joseph, the people arranged an assortment of foods they harvested and gave it to the poor. The tradition is continued by many Italian-American families in the New Orleans area.

(photos by Greg McNally)

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