Opinion: Cruz Last Hope for American Welfare

On March 4, 2016, Sen. Ted Cruz of Houston (R-Texas) solidified his platform in front of Louisianians at a rally that took place at the Castine Center in Mandeville, La. This was in a now futile effort to win over enough voters to triumph in the Louisiana primary.

Cruz meets with Mandeville supporters after his rally. (Photo By: news.yahoo.com)
Cruz meets with Mandeville supporters after his rally. (Photo By: news.yahoo.com)

Even though he was not successful in this endeavor, it was not a fatal casualty to the “Cruzin To Victory” campaign. Cruz only lost The Pelican State by a 4% margin, and won two other states (Maine and Kansas) on Super Saturday. After showings in other primaries and caucuses, Cruz has now accumulated 465 delegates to his rival’s 739, which is not insurmountable by any measure in a nomination race that requires 1,237 delegates.

Attending Cruz’s rally eroded away any remaining reservations residing in me, and confirmed the fact that he is the best and most plausible candidate running. Mr. Cruz spent the bulk of his Mandeville rally talking about the impending oil and gas crisis. This included a harangue directed at and condemning the Environmental Protection Agency and the Federal Reserve.

“We’ve got federal regulations that are killing oil and gas right now,” Cruz said. “We’re gonna lift back these regulations and lift back the EPA, and that is gonna allow the oil and gas industry to come back powerfully. We’re also going to audit the (Federal Reserve) and stabilize the dollar, because the dollar’s fluctuation is one of the big things contributing to oil and gas going up and down.”

The EPA has lately been viewed as just another symbol of a capacious government’s inefficiency and corruption with its near unchecked ability to impose regulations, and is rightfully seated on Cruz’s reform list.

Cruz is also conciliatory towards most conservatives in implementing an idea most thoroughly developed by former candidate Carly Fiorina, that is auditing the Federal Reserve. Right now, much of American tax dollars aren’t even being spent on the reduction of debt, rather the interest owed. If nothing is done to appease government spending, the percentage of tax revenue spent on interest will continue to raise until the government will not be able to fund its own programs.

Construction of a 2,000 mile-long wall will certainly not mollify this issue.

What will alleviate the issue is a conservative renovation of the entire U.S. government. What candidates besides Cruz aren’t willing to say is that they will scrap the Commerce Department, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Education Department, the Energy Department, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Internal Revenue Service (and its 90,000 employees).

A significant number of American citizens, however, believe that politicians are all talk and no action.

Cruz gives a speech on the senate floor concerning a sponsored bill. (Photo By: Fox40.com)
Cruz gives a speech on the senate floor concerning a sponsored bill. (Photo By: Fox40.com)

Contrary to these accusations, Cruz can boast that he has, in fact, taken action against these bureaus. The Texas senator has introduced 25 bills in the 113th congress, and cosponsored even more. The Educational Freedom Accounts Act, the Repeal CFPB Act, and the ObamaCare Repeal Act are a few among the many bills sponsored by Sen. Ted Cruz correlating with his preachings.

Moreover, Cruz has sponsored a plethora of bills pertaining to the trouncing of ISIL and other terrorist/militant groups. This demonstrates his ability to exercise the congressional system instead of bombastically exclaiming “I would bomb the s*** out of them.”

Many supporters of the frontrunner who slung that quote would react positively towards it, however. In fact, one of the main attractions to the frontrunner’s campaign is that he is not liked by the GOP establishment and that he isn’t afraid to let them know what he thinks about them. The same is true, nevertheless, of Sen. Ted Cruz. Last year, Sen. Cruz valiantly stood on the senate floor and accused Mitch McConnell, the chamber’s highest ranking republican, of telling a “flat-out lie” concerning negotiations pertaining to a trade bill exemplifying his bipartisan ability.

In order for Cruz to secure the nomination, three things must happen. The first action that must be taken has to be carried out by Gov. John Kasich (R-Ohio), and that is his retirement from the race. At this point, Kasich is essentially dividing the delegates amongst republicans. Previously, Marco Rubio dropped out because he was doing exactly that. Secondly, Cruz needs to continue campaigning in the style he has been. Cruz has lost a number of states by only a 3-8 point margin, allowing him to gain a myriad of delegates even though on paper, he lost the state. Finally, if the previous steps are accomplished, the nomination will be decided by a brokered convention. If so, republican delegates will succeed in ousting the barbaric, pompous frontrunner that plagues the nation by appealing to the sadistic portion of human nature, effectively surfacing an unreasonable, raging anger throughout the nation that will inevitably alienate this country from the global stage, and abruptly diminish all diplomatic political morality.

Rally around Cruz; give our country dignity and stability.

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  1. Well written, Luc! Great use of verbs and vocabulary (e.g. capacious, harangue, alleviate, conciliatory, solidified, etc.)



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