Tyler’s March Madness Rant

RantMarch Madness has done nothing except make me mad. March Madness is an American tradition that involves basketball, crushed dreams, debt, and upsets…tons of upsets. ESPN demonstrated how horrendous this year’s tournament has been due to the fact that a second chance bracket has been released.

Speaking of upsets, that’s exactly what I am: upset. First of all, I have never been to Tennessee, and now I would never even like to think of Tennessee, especially the middle part of the state, after Middle Tennessee beat Michigan State. The only reason it’s an upset is because the bracket is made for the top seeds to succeed, and they never do. That’s the only reason a fifteenth seed is facing off against a second seed team.

Michigan State should be erased from existence due to their loss to Middle Tennessee. MSU always finds a way to destroy my hopes for at least a sub par bracket. When I pick a state to lose, they win, and when I pick them to get the win, they take the loss instead.

This year’s MSU loss was the straw that broke this Spartan fan’s back; I will no longer touch MSU on a bracket, and I am forever leaving that section blank from now on.

Now, I’d like to give you some advice: please know what you’re doing. I’m tired of looking at my mother’s bracket and seeing all four number one seeds in the Final Four.  And just because you’ve heard of team or like their uniform, please do not take them all the way, especially if the reason you’re picking them is that they’re good at football.

The bottom line is, I truly do love this tradition, and I take pride in watching my knowledge for the game pay. But, thanks to 2016 March Madness, my bracket is just as trashed as my dreams are.


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