Original One-Act Plays to Return to SPS

Members of the Period A Theater I class rehearse a scene from their upcoming Beatles-themed one-act production. (photo by Greg McNally)

(COVINGTON, La.) — The annual “One-Act” plays put on by theater classes are making a return to St. Paul’s School. Rehearsals are now in progress, and all the acts will be performed Thursday, May 12, 2016, starting at 6 p.m.

“The rehearsals (for the shows) are all coming really well,” Theater Director Denny Charbonnet said. “Everyone knows the script by heart, so now all we have to do is work on our characters.”

Mason Cambre and Ashton Durham rehearse a scene during Period A Theater I class. (photo by Greg McNally)
Mason Cambre and Ashton Durham rehearse a scene during Period A Theater I class. (photo by Greg McNally)

Three original one-act plays will be presented. Each original play is a comedy, all set in different time periods. One show deals with the Beatles in the late ’60s, another with a group of superheroes, and the last deals with a character who is addicted to Netflix.

“All the plays are very different and very funny,” Charbonnet said.

Sophomore Carson Caulfield is the writer/director for the Period A class; for Period C, freshman Hyde Healy wrote the play with junior Chris Dufour’s collaboration, along with the cooperation of junior Andrew Lambert co-directing the play with Healy and Dufour. As for Theater II’s Period D class, sophomore Isaac Hebert and junior Reagan Hill are writing and directing that class production.

All the plays will be held in the Alumni Memorial Theatre, and admission will be free to the public. Food and drinks will be also sold in the theater in between shows for anyone to enjoy.

“We really hope we have a nice audience on the night of the shows,” Charbonnet said. “It’s the last big project for the year, and it is the culmination of the work the students have put in throughout the year. It is all original work, so it is definitely worth coming to see.”

The Theater III class’ final project will be to produce original music videos. It is still yet to be determined on whether or not the videos will be shown to the public on the night of the one-act plays.

The Beatles security detail apreheands an imposter during a scene of the upcoming Period A one-act play. (photo by Greg McNally)



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