Council Runoff Ends in Sibley Victory Under New Murphy Administration

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As the school year nears its end, campaign posters, student politicians in coats, and speeches filled with promises have once again returned to campus. When the ballots had all been cast on Thursday, April 14, 2016, the leaders of the Student Council Executive Board were announced as President Will Murphy and Vice President Oliver Sibley.

“The main goal for next year is that everyone has a really fun year and that we’re able to facilitate that to the best of our abilities,” newly elected Student Council President Will Murphy said. “We’re looking forward to some very fun home rival games next year. We have a really great schedule planned. The common denominator is that it’s just going to be a fun year and people are going to be entertained.”

Other members of the Student Council Executive Board include freshman Josh Devier as Treasurer and junior Alex Nunez as Secretary. Both ran uncontested yet gave speeches delivered over Wolf TV on Thursday making promises and informing students of their plans for the coming school year.

“It takes a lot of courage to run, so a big congrats to everyone who ran for a position,” Murphy said. “ I think the Executive Board is just the heart of Student Council. It’s really not even me, it’s them that help to facilitate the meetings and keep Student Council running.”

The elected positions of President, Treasurer, and Secretary ran unopposed while the position of Vice President was heavily contested between three candidates: junior Oliver Sibley, sophomore Carson Caulfield, and sophomore Ashton Van Deventer. After a runoff scheduled during third period after the first round of morning voting, Sibley won the position against Caulfield. Sibley has held a variety of positions since his 8th grade year including Junior Class President, as well as holding office for the Louisiana Youth Seminar.

“I truly am blessed to have been elected, and I do believe that I can help the Council progress,” Sibley said. “For many years, our council has been just another club, but after going to LASC (Louisiana Association of Student Councils) convention, LASC workshop, and SASC (Southern Association of Student Councils) convention, I saw the full potential the Student Council can have to liven up the school in all aspects.”

As one of the three people running for Vice President, Sibley had to take a more proactive approach to his campaigning. He had to place signs around school, while many uncontested candidates did not. His speech also had to be more than an outline for the future. It had to be a promise of what he would do if elected.

“People asked me many times during this race if I was nervous,” Sibley said. “I was more anxious than nervous about running because I have run for many other positions at leadership camps and for other school clubs, so this hasn’t been my first bingo. In a way, I’m used to it, but every race has their differences. I was unsure if the humor of the other candidates was going to prevail like in previous years, so I tried to be as natural and sincere as possible in my speech. I am truly blessed, and I cannot wait to get started.”

Election results were announced to the student body on Friday, April 15, in a special morning assembly where the current President, Leland Van Deventer, also gave a  few parting words of wisdom.


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