BRIEF: SPS Executive Board Candidates, Platforms

Crest with Lasallian Cross

(COVINGTON, La.) – As many St. Paul’s students lackadaisically integrate back into functioning learners after Easter Holidays, a few have clandestine motives. Every year following the feast day of St. John Baptist De La Salle, schoolwide elections are held to determine the Student Council executive board leaders, which consists of four electable positions and a few appointed chairs. These positions are President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

This year, rising senior William Murphy will be running uncontested for the position of Student Body President. Murphy has spent the majority of his St. Paul’s career on the student council, currently holding the executive board position of Secretary, and formerly serving as 8th grade Vice President, 9th grade President, and 10th grade President. Murphy spent Thursday afternoon recording a speech to be delivered to his constituents on Election Day, regardless of the fact that he wasn’t required to.

“The common denominator is that people deserve to know what is happening to their school next year, and have tangible promises rather than just a whole bunch of rhetoric,” Murphy said. “I am really looking forward to not changing St. Paul’s collectively, but improving it.”

The races for the position of Secretary and Treasurer will also go uncontested. Alex Nunez, brother of former executive board member Josh Nunez, plans to add to his brother’s legacy.

“Big things are coming on the music part, because we have always been pretty weak in that industry and that portion of Prom and pep rallies,” Nunez said. “People have told me that Student Council-run events have been more fun in the past, especially during my brother’s tenure, so I hope to take things from those years and implement them during the next school year.”

Josh Devier, commonly referred to as “Wheels” by the student body because of his iconic rolling backpack, aspires to bring something new to the executive board in correlation with his youth.

“I plan on having more food sales and money-making events in order to put the St. Paul’s School Student Council in a better financial position to luxuriate the people it serves,” Devier said. “I would also like to see more styles of food available to the students. I hope to serve as your Student Council Treasurer. I would be a wheely good choice.”

Contrary to the positions of Treasurer, Secretary, and President, the seat of Vice-President will be sought after by three candidates. Ashton Van Deventer, Oliver Sibley, and Carson Caulfield will all compete for the popular vote. Each candidate has held office in this past year, leaving them with substantial support going into the elections.

Caulfield, a sophomore, has expressed concern for involving the whole student body in controversial decisions made by the Student Council.

“I’m trying to focus on things that have been looked over previously,” Caulfield said. “That goes for things that I feel people are passionate about, but they don’t really want to speak out about, (like) Challenge Night themes (or) dance themes… if I’m not sure about anything, I’ll leave it up to the student body.”

Van Deventer, also a sophomore, verbalizes similar ideals when describing his platform.

“As Vice President, I am going to allow for the collective student body to more seamlessly express their opinions on a plethora of topics like music, themes, and dress down days,” Van Deventer said. “In the past year, I have laid the groundwork for this by managing a suggestion box, and will continue to do it in the future in the form of surveys and votes, allowing the Student Council to really reflect the motives of the entire school.”

Taking a more broad approach, Sibley, a rising senior, notes his extensive experience and successes in several leadership organizations.

“This is my last year able to run for an executive office,” Sibley said, “and I want to use all of the things I have learned from going to LASC, SASC, LASC workshop, winning two executive positions at LYS, and many other high school leadership trainings for the benefit of our school, which I love dearly.”

The elections will be held on the morning of Thursday, April 12, 2016, and the results will be declared later that day.


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