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President’s Mid-Year Report Highlights Student Council’s Hard Work

(COVINGTON, La.) — Each year, the student council president types a report highlighting student council and school achievements for the first semester. Student Council President Paxton Ballard, in his Mid-Year Report, gives insight to the work student council does to run school events and keep fun activities afloat. You can read President Ballard’s Mid-Year Report […]

[satire] CRY WOLF: Josh Rovira Under Investigation for Colluding with Jesuit during Student Council Election

Cry Wolf Satirical News. (COVINGTON, La.) An investigation has been opened into newly-elected St. Paul’s Student Council President Josh Rovira for colluding with the Jesuit High School Student Council during the recent 2018 St. Paul’s Student Council election. The investigation into Rovira and his campaign team was opened after it was discovered that the Jesuit […]

Founders’ Week Hits All Core Principles, Ends with Student Council Field Day

(COVINGTON, La.) St. Paul’s School is a community riddled with every type of person: athletes, scholars, leaders and countless more conglomerations of personalities. Despite our many differences as a student body, there is one thing we all have in common — five things, actually. Throughout North America, the Brothers of the Lasallian Schools hold the […]

CRY WOLF: Student to Vote for Student Council Candidate Who Makes Better Empty Promises

Cry Wolf satirical news. (COVINGTON, La.) — Regarding the upcoming Student Council election, a St. Paul’s student has decided he will vote for the student council candidate that makes better empty promises, sources confirmed Wednesday (April 5). Reports say that sophomore Brian Deck’s vote will be won by the quality of promises that will never […]