St. Paul’s Student Council Promotes Spirit Week, Again

Spirit Week was cut short in October, so it is being brought back five months later. (Photo Credit: Ethan Wilson)

(COVINGTON, La.) — Normal student council activities have been dramatically reduced this school year because of COVID-19 restrictions. Behind the scenes, President Davis Lagarde and the rest of the student council has worked to implement student activities that raise school spirits while keeping the student body safe.

This week is Spirit Week at St. Paul’s. Each day is a different dress down theme. On Friday, students will compete in a Kahoot in each classroom where the winner of each class will compete against the other winners. The top three students will compete against the top three students at St. Scholastica Academy.

Each day of the week, students will be able to wear theme day attire.

Monday: Hawaiian Shirt

Tuesday: Mardi Gras

Wednesday: Christmas

Thursday: Barbecue Dads

Friday: Jersey


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