Josh Devier Makes Patriotic Bid for Student Body President

Jakob Massey and Jacques duPassage listen to Josh Devier’s plans for next year and his hopes to change the school. (Photo: Daniel Wieseneck)

(COVINGTON, La.) Students have been campaigning for executive board positions on next year’s Student Council since the beginning of this week. Among these members is Josh Devier, who hopes to win the student vote for the position of Student Body President.

Serving the SPS student body as a member of the Student Council since eighth grade, Devier has worked towards this position for years.  

“I’ve served on the council since my eighth grade year and have executive experience, where I served as the treasurer,” Devier said. “ Here I learned a lot about large-scale leadership, as well as the inner workings of all the different events that St. Paul’s Student Council hosts, including Challenge Night, Field Day, Prom, Homecoming, and multiple others. I believe that the student body needs an experienced leader so that they can make this upcoming year an embodiment of what St. Paul’s School really represents.”

Devier has set up many goals he hopes he can achieve to make St. Paul’s a greater school and better environment for students.

“First and foremost, I want to increase the council’s visibility and welcome much more student input,” Devier said. “I want to ensure a clean-cut victory over SSA at Challenge Night next year to obtain our third straight win. My logic is simple — if they have points on the board, we’re not doing enough.”

Devier also want to fix the problem that he feels has been pestering St. Paul’s for a while now.

“I think dividers need to be installed on the urinals,” Devier said. “This issue has been passed down to me by former Executive Council member Oliver Sibley, and it is truly a necessary measure. With the Benilde renovations in progress, I think that the student body can leave its mark on the building in some manner, although I’m still looking for ways to do such.”

Posters have been placed around the school for campaigning purposes. (Photo courtesy Josh Devier)

Devier is also running under the theme of ‘Merica, and hopes his originality will attract students to what he hopes to achieve next year.

“This is truly a great theme and has never been done by anyone before, ever,” Devier said. “The real reason that I ran on the theme of ‘Merica is that I think our Student Council can be much more like a nation. We live in a very advanced society, and I think if you can apply some of the ideals to the council, we will be able to run more effectively as a team and in turn make the student body more prosperous.”

Josh Devier has passed around stickers with his snapchat code to allow students to contact him any ideas they have for next year. (Photo: Daniel Wieseneck)

Lastly, Devier wants the student body to see him as a symbol of freedom to communicate and reach their goals.

“I want suggestions from anybody to everybody,” Devier said. “From a Snapchat to a letter to a smoke signal, if you have an idea or just wanna give me a piece of your mind, give it to me straight. I think the best way to improve the council is directly involving you, the students.”

The student body will vote on the 2018- 2019 student council executive board at the beginning of school on Thursday, April 19, after their speeches are shown on the television before announcements.

.   .   .

For information on Devier’s opponent, Josh Rovira, click here.



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