Top Ways to Ask any Female to Homecoming

Party in the back, party on the sides, party in the front. Homecoming is just a fun occasion for hair styles, from any angle.

(COVINGTON, LA)   St. Paul’s Homecoming takes place Sept. 22, 2017, and it is very important to ask whomever you plan on asking the correct way. Here are some tips that are guaranteed to get that “yes” from the girl of your dreams.
Never underestimate the power of social media.

1. Ask through MySpace

Step 1: Create a MySpace

Step 2: Make her a MySpace, since she definitely doesn’t have a MySpace, and then give her the account information

Step 3: Tell her to check her new MySpace account

Step 4: She says yes, and it all goes perfectly


2. Have your mom call her mom

  • Sometimes it’s just too uncomfortable to ask her yourself, and moms are here to help you for events like this.


3. Ask her boyfriend to ask her for you


4. Make her ask you

  • Who is to tell you to follow social standards? IT IS 2017!


Be sure you spell out “homecoming” and not “prom,” unless you’re ready for a long term commitment.

5. Follow her and leave a note on her car.

  • Make sure it is her car, because if the note is on someone else’s car and that person says yes, then it’s just awkward.


6. Create a Snapchat filter on her house

  • You must find out where she lives, but through secure sources so that she will not find out about it.


7. Offer her father 500 head of cattle

  • Come on! It’s worked for 2,000 years.


8. Skywriting

  • Nothing is more romantic than asking through the emission of ozone-destroying chemicals


9. Carrier pigeon


10. If she says no, say “It’s just a prank, bro!”

  • If you follow any of these strategies, she will say yes, no questions. Although, you may feel called to ask her another way than listed, when she says no to you, say, “It’s just a prank bro,” to ease the tension.

To conclude, asking a girl to homecoming is hard. You are uncomfortable, she is uncomfortable, and you want to minimize the uncomfortable tension. Asking a female any of these ways are proven guarantees to make her want to go with you and ease the tension along the way.



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