Class of 2016 Senior Wills

Senior Wills

Seniors, it’s not too late to leave your bequests! Email either your bequests along with your name, college, and major (or revisions to a current bequest) to

.    .    .

I, Luke Avenel, bequeath my knowledge of all things random to Alex Oliveri. I also bequeath my shadow and my ability to get by without a haircut to Sam Avenel. (Tulane/Cell and Molecular Biology)

I, Sergio Barrios, bequeath Country Music Television to Evan Esquerre. (Southeastern Louisiana University/Psychology)

I, Jeffrey Bodin, bequeath my cross country camp senior “leadership” to Chris Weintritt and Evan Vamprine, a ride and some Popeyes to Jack Nunez, the traditional cross country adoration of the great Patrick Connolly the Lesser to Thomas Rovira, Josh Rovira, Alex Paille, and Chris Wallace, my “renowned” running ability to Reagan Hill, my AFJROTC leadership role to Alex Seese, my league #prostrats to Alex Seese and Shane Strander, and my unorthodox spaceships to Forge Mathes and Fleet Commander Andrew Dart. (LSU/Computer Science)

I, Michael Boudreaux, bequeath my sheets to Reiss Theiler. (Christian Brothers University/Finance)

I, Nicholas Bourne, bequeath the keys to Arbor Walk to Dylan Futrell and Adam Schellang. (LSU/Pre-med)

I, Sam Brown, bequeath my Dad Hat and the title of “Best Get Away Driver” to Greyson Buras, the ability to store liquids in my feet to Andrew Rayer, and the title of “American Sniper” to Tanner Landry. (Undecided)

I, Logan Buras, bequeath my lucky socks to Greyson Buras, the Scavenger Pro perk to Tanner Landry, and 1 Faleebajuba and a passing grade to Andrew Rayer. (Undecided)

I, Erik Carrera, bequest the name “Carlitos” to Israel Carrera. (Baylor/Mechanical Engineering)

I, Zac Charles, bequeath my rhythmic ability to Bradley Anzalone and my height to Andrew Dabella. (LSU/Kinesiology)

I, Patrick Connolly, bequeath a sliver of my supernatural powers to Thomas Rovira and my disproportionately sized calves to Chris Weintritt. (Trump University/Cryptozoology)

I, Garrett Drouant, bequeath my parking spot to Christian Roberts and the Trail Blazer to Eddie Heap and Alex Ogea. (Northwestern State/Business Management)

I, Patrick Early, bequeath my perfect attendance record to James Kissgen and my spoon and tea kettle to Nash Odenwald. (Undecided)

I, Brandon Eberts, bequeath my parking spot to Zach Gallagher and my Jeff Gordon lunch box to my little brother Jordan. (Northwestern State University)

I, Christian Flick, bequeath my positive attitude to John Connor Flick and my “on the edge” lifestyle to Matthew Stalter. (TCU/Entrepreneurship)

I, Collin Francis, bequeath the name “Kankles” to Gavin Greffer, and I’m sorry for breaking your nose. (Mississippi State/Chemical Engineering)

I, Rutger Fury, along with Blake LoCicero and Landon Waite, bequeath the Wolves’ Strikeouts for St. Jude Charity to Amndy (Andy) Grashoff and The William Heurtin. (Fury: Baylor/Biomedical Engineering. LoCicero: Ole Miss/Biology. Waite: St. Louis or Spring Hill/Neuroscience)

I, Grant Gallaspy, bequeath my Fat Boy shirt to Trey Icamina and the hands line to Dylan Futrell and Austin Means. (LSU/Finance)

I, Austin Grashoff, bequeath both the Sacred Mantle and the honor of being the sole Grashoff to Andrew Grashoff, the title of “Dad” and all its responsibilities to Ryan Flood, and my classroom at PJ’s on Highway 21 to Silas Anthony. (LSU/Kinesiology)

I, Garrett Grass, bequeath my fruity flavors to Quinn Arnold and Cameron Byrne. (Univeristy of Louisiana at Lafayette/Computer Science)

I, Sam Grayson, bequeath my tennis ability to Sam Schmidt and my superb blackjack skills to Cullen Iwirn. (LSU/International Trade and Finance)

I, Oliver Guice, bequeath my track spikes to Phillip Pearce. (Birmingham Southern/Biology)

I, Griffin Guzan, bequeath Lauren Walsh to Dylan Futrell, my Gucci Goo ’cause it’s drippin’, baby, to Austin Means, and my Civil War reenactment uniform to Sam Nuss. (LSU/Human Movement Sciences)

I, Nick Harper, bequeath my ability to toaster strudel to Tanner Landry and Cameron Meyers. (IUPUI/Accounting)

I, Austin Hayes, bequeath my lack of interest to the 8th graders. (University of Louisiana at Monroe/Pharmacy)

I, Will Healy, bequeath the after-football parties to Hyde Healy, my little brother. (Undecided)

I, Garrett Hicks, bequeath my passion for cake to Cameron Meyers. (University of Louisiana at Lafayette/Nursing)

I, Evan Hood, bequeath my super quick feet to Hayden Willis and my tummy to JC Flick. (LSU/Sports Administration)

I, Colin Hoy, bequeath the number 7 to Kevin Katich and my good looks and likability to Charles Hoy. (LSU/Sports Administration)

I, Nick Isolani, bequeath my pregame dunking to Austin Means. (Rhodes College/Biology)

I, Christian Jarrett, would like to leave the SB2k16 legacy to Tanner Landry and Greyson Buras, and my extreme laziness to Noah Pitre. (IUPUI/Business)

I, Johnny King, bequeath my ability to make countless women swoon due to my melodious singing voice and my impeccable charm to John Gardner, Matthew Stalter, and JC Flick. (Spring Hill/ International Business)

I, Christopher Lowder, bequeath my parking spot to Austin Means, my position as Left Tackle to Karson Matherne, my mad skills to the offensive line, and my donkey water basketball skills to Zach Gallagher. (LSU/Landscape Architecture)

I, Sam Nuss, bequeath my severe, severe senioritis to Christian Rabalais. (LSU/Animal Sciences)

I, Nash Odenwald, bequeath Reagan to John Gardner. (The U/Finance)

I, Peter Olson, bequeath my unofficial deed to the school to Kyle Schmitt. (Undecided)

I, Dominic Paternostro, bequeath BTM to Connor Seibert. (LSU/Engineering)

I, Blake Piediscalzo, bequeath my parking spot to Connor Stuard. (LSU/Horticulture)

I, Harrison Prieto, bequeath the G.O.A.T. to T.J. Bedford, and Parker Edward’s girlfriend to Lane Scobel. (Florida State/Meteorology)

I, Charlie Quinlan, bequeath my ping pong skills to Jack Blossman and my alarm clock to Colin Quinlan. (University of Southern Mississippi/Gender Studies)

I, Colin Ross, bequeath Marcello to Reiss Theiler. (Fort Louis/Health)

I, Charles Rowbotham, bequeath my presidential powers to Marc Costa. (California Maritime Academy/Maritime Transportation)

I, Kyle Schech, bequeath my hairline to Shane Ulfers and my horse teeth to Connor Oviedo. (Southeastern Louisiana University/Construction Management)

I, Adam Schmitt, bequeath my goalkeeping abilities to Kyle Schmitt, which he clearly needs, and the right to kick conversions to Bam Barreiro. (Spring Hill/Health Sciences)

I, Stephen Schwartz, bequeath my parking spot and the power trip to Marc Costa. (LSU/Engineering)

I, Kenny Sears, bequeath my second place finish to Coach Burt and the trashcan game to Johntae McDowell. (Northwestern State/Business Administration)

I, Cannon Shirah, bequeath my compensating vehicles and opportunity to quit lacrosse to Dayton Shirah.(Massachusetts Maritime/Marine Transportation)

I, Dustin Simoneaux, bequeath the “Phunk” of the St. Paul’s Marching Wolves to A.J. Latapie, the ability to start “The Band Bus Song” to Ruston Keller, my notorious good looks to Bradley Anzalone, my retired Vans to Nick Ashton, and “the glove” to the new Junior Drum Major of the 2016-2017 year, whomever he may be. (University of Louisiana at Lafayette/Computer Science)

I, Jared Simoneaux, bequeath my parking spot to Dylan Futrell. (LSU/Finance)

I, Tristan Smith, beneath the second stall on the left to Sean Hightower. (Hitting the books/Microbiology)

I, Mark Spicer, Jr., bequeath my water bottle that has been in the locker room for three years straight without me taking it out to Nick Knobloch. (American International College/Anesthesiology)

I, Patrick Stewart, bequeath my lunch box and all of its powers to Reagan Hill, my cross country work ethic to Greyson Buras, and my patronus to the Slytherin House. (LSU/Kinesiology)

I, Matt Wallace, bequeath my leadership positions that allowed me to have fun and grow in confidence to my brother Chris Wallace, the Paddle of Lordship to Thomas Rovira, my senioritis to Greyson Buras, my lunch spot under the tree to those annoying 8th graders, and leadership of the JV Squad to all soon-to-be seniors who are qualified for the position. (LSU/Finance)




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