The Litany of Saints: A Recently Founded SPS Tradition

(COVINGTON, La.) — Beginning in 2013, St. Paul’s School added on to its traditional prayer with a litany of saints. Over the years, this litany has progressively evolved, claiming its own place among the many traditions of SPS.

“We were hoping to increase our students’ awareness of significant Lasallian figures,” SPS President Bro. Ray Bulliard, FSC, said.“We thought we would start with Benilde because we have a building on campus named after him.”

saint benilde
St. Benilde influenced students and staff of St. Paul’s to the point of having a building named after him. (Image source:

The litany originally began with St. Benilde, a Christian Brother who was known for his dedication, teaching ability, and sanctity. Benilde exemplified true commitment and diligence, therefore the phrase, “St. Benilde, help us to do ordinary things extraordinary well,” was annexed to the St. Paul’s prayer, and became the motivational slogan of the 2013-2014 school year. Yet, St. Benilde’s powerful message would extend past its yearly term, and remain a part of the SPS litany for years to come.

“The prayer contains a particular theme for the year,” Religion II teacher Robert Simpson said. “(It is) a yearly theme in which students
can focus and meditate upon.”

brother james
Bro. James Miller, FSC, had his name added to the litany for the 2014-2015 school year. (Photo source:

Thus, each school year, the litany has been updated with a fresh Lasallian figure who exemplified a particular theme through their life’s work. Bro. James Miller, FSC, was adopted for the 2014-2015 school year and the idiom, “Brother James Miller, help us make courageous choices,” was appended to the litany.

As the 2015-2016 school year began, Sr. Louise took the place of Bro. James Miller, replacing his phrase in the litany with “Sister Louise, help us do God’s will.” Louise, who immersed herself in Christ’s teachings, centered her life around her religious vocation.

“This school year, we decided to adopt Bro. Solomon because he will become an official saint of the Roman Catholic Church this year,” Bro. Ray said. “Lasallians all over the world are focusing on Bro. Solomon, and he is getting a whole lot of attention throughout the Lasallian world.”

brother solomon
Bro. Solomon Leclercq, FSC, is the newest member of the litany. (Image source:

Bro. Solomon Leclercq, FSC, affirmed his position among the 2016-2017 SPS litany with the expression, “Brother Solomon, help us remain faithful.”

“The fact that Brother Solomon loved God so much that he was willing to die… I would hope inspires us when we come across tough times,” Bro. Ray said. “When I am tired going into the classroom, I want to remain faithful to teaching you guys.”

This divine inspiration has become evident among the student body of SPS as well.

“Bro. Solomon helps us to remember how to properly balance leadership qualities in order to be a good leader,” Senior Drum Major Ruston Keller said. “He helps us to conquer any challenges that are faced as a leader.”

Bro. Solomon will begin to serve as an inspirational role model for all Christians on Oct. 16, 2016, when he is canonized by Pope Francis at St. Peter’s Square, Rome.


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