Franciscan Grad Christopher Sturgill Takes on Freshman Religion

The newest member of the Religion Department, Christopher Sturgill, leads a discussion with his Religion I class. (photo by Jackson Cretin)

Joining the multitude of Franciscan grads who have taught at St. Paul’s School before him, Christopher Sturgill begins this school year as the new Religion I teacher and assistant wrestling coach.

Sturgill plans on teaching the young men how to grow in the faith and states that he loves the single-sex aspect of St. Paul’s because he believes that “iron sharpens iron,” and that when boys can be boys, it helps them mature in their faith.

After high school in Virgina, Sturgill set off to Franciscan University, just as former SPS Religion teachers Christan Bobak and Austin Ashcraft attended before him. He began college with a couple of ideas about what he wanted to do, but he was mainly focused on becoming a Theology teacher. He had a unique experience while expanding his faith at Franciscan.

“It was a great place to be formed in my faith,” Sturgill said. “Also, I realized I can find other people that are normal guys yet also live their faith.”

After college, Sturgill decided to come to Louisiana because of his love of southern culture and the strong sense of catholic faith in Louisiana. He also like the fact that St. Paul’s is an all-boys school.

“There’s something about masculine spirituality,” Sturgill said,“and there’s a lot of opportunity for young men to grow deeper in their faith, and grow deeper in their knowledge of themselves and God.”

So far, Sturgill’s expectations of Louisiana and its atmosphere have been confirmed.

“Everyone is super supportive and welcoming,” Sturgill said. “I can’t wait to get to know my students more.”

Sturgill has modest aspirations for his life outside of his career at St. Paul’s.

“I just want to have a family,” Sturgill said.

As an SPS teacher, Sturgill wants the students to absorb one thing above all else: “God knows them more than they know themselves; God loves them more than they will ever love themselves; and He knows more than we do what will make us happy.”


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