SPS Counseling Department Ready to Assist Students with Academic, Personal Needs

The Counseling Department of St. Paul’s School is ready to help students navigate their high school careers and beyond.  Pictured are counselors Christine Woodard, Gina Hall, and Renee Miller, Student Services Coordinator Mary Pierson, and secretary Ann Pressley. Not Shown: Assistant Advisor Bro. Jeffrey Calligan, FSC. (Photo source: stpauls.com)

(COVINGTON, La.)–The Counseling Department at St. Paul’s School has always been dedicated to helping students complete their high school careers by offering assistance in any way possible. The department is made up of counselors for each grade level, college application specialists, and a coordinator for special student services.

Counselor Mary Pierson describes her role in the counseling department in assisting students with special learning needs.

“My role is as the Student Services Coordinator is to support students and parents at all grade levels who need assistance, either temporary or consistently, as they work through the academic and social life of St. Paul’s,” Pierson said.

The offices of the counselors await students needing help. (Photo: Blake Franklin)

All of the counselors offer help to students in many different ways. Pierson described the type of things they help with.

“Any student with an illness or injury that prohibits him from participating in PE or climbing the Benilde stairs will usually check into Student Services with his medical note for a time-limited Caddy Pass or restroom pass,” Pierson said.

One of the more involved programs the department organizes is the Brotherhood of the Paw peer mentor program, which goes on throughout the year.

“With the help of these mentors, a pre-freshman transition program is given in the summer. This program introduces specific students to their mentors and teaches self-advocacy and study tips. Then, monthly meetings of the Paws are supervised throughout the school year to continue the mentoring relationships,” Pierson said.

One of the biggest reasons for visits to the counseling office is to seek information about a future college life. The department even helps organize college tours.

Counseling secretary Ann Pressley’s candy jar helps “Mrs. Ann” to get to know the students that come to the Counseling Center by requiring each student to introduce himself before taking a treat. (photo: Blake Franklin)

“Students at any grade level who have questions about post-secondary studies outside of standard colleges and universities, or who have questions about alternative colleges and universities are welcome to visit the Office of Student Services by appointment or during free times,” Pierson said.

Many other services, such as help with TOPS and ACT applications, cover a wide range of student needs. Students needing assistance with academic or personal issues are instructed to see counseling secretary Ann Pressley to schedule an appointment or visit the school website for staff contact information.


  1. Thank you Renee Miller for all of your guidance and clarification with college information and application direction and a sincere thanks for always trying to do what’s best for the students
    Annette McDougal



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