Jeffery Drivon: Unsung Hero of the Library

Librarian Jeff Drivon assists junior Luc Hebert with printing documents.
(photo: Jackson Cretin)

St. Paul’s infamous librarian, accountant, and varsity offensive line coach Jeffrey Drivon, on campus for his second year, serves a critical part in keeping the school running day to day.

Drivon loves his job as librarian because of the interaction with all the kids that come in throughout the day.

“I like interacting with the kids on a daily basis and keeping track of library prints coming in and out,” Drivon said.

Drivon started his life in Metairie, La., then moved to the north shore at a young age. Once on the north shore, Drivon attended middle school at St. Peter’s School, just a few block from St. Paul’s. After graduating, Drivon moved on to St. Paul’s School where he played football and competed for the Bowling Wolves all five years of high school. Drivon excelled in the alley with a high game of 271, and an average score of 194, all while involved in three different leagues simultaneously. His favorite memory of St. Paul’s was the homecoming football game his junior year.

“We were playing against Archbishop Hannan,” Drivon said. “It was a close game that we needed to win to get to the playoffs. When we sealed the deal moving on to the first playoff game under the head coaching of Ken Sears, it was the loudest night I’ve ever heard in Hunter Stadium in my life,  and I remember all of us after the game making a pile on top of Coach Sears.”

After graduating from St. Paul’s with the class of 2002, Drivon moved on to Southeastern and pursued a degree in psychology, which he would obtain only three years later.

Drivon then came back to Covington, returning to St. Peter’s to teach Religious Education. Drivon, however, was not done learning. So, he went back to Southeastern, earning another degree, this time in Accounting. After, Drivon made the decision to come back to his alma mater, St. Paul’s, accepting jobs as the school’s librarian and teaching the Accounting class.

He now teaches alongside of some of his old classmates, such as Ryan Spencer (Health and P.E), Kristian Gibbe (Athletic P.E), and Andrew Dart (A.P. Art History).

Throughout his entire life, Drivon has quarreled with a persistent challenge. Upon birth, Drivon suffered a minor stroke, leaving the right half of his body less muscularly developed. This significantly affects the movement capabilities of his rights hand. Even with this condition, however, Drivon persists in doing the things he loves: coaching football and weightlifting.

“I don’t let it affect what I can or cannot do relating to sports,” Drivon said. “It can affect when I try to fix cars with my dad, like reaching behind something, but that’s where I can rely on help from others.”

Being a librarian, Drivon has interacted with almost all of the student body at St. Paul’s, becoming a schoolwide personality. Aside from coaching and teaching, Drivon has hopes of starting a family.

“I would like to own a house on the water one day, because water and fishing is one of my passions,” Drivon said. “I would really just like to live my life to the fullest.”



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