Why all the Crying Over the New Orleans Baby Cakes?

New Logos for the New Orleans Baby Cakes (image credit: sportsillustrated.com)

This past week, the New Orleans Zephyrs minor league baseball team decided to change their name to the New Orleans Baby Cakes. Since the name changed to the Baby Cakes, there have been many fans turning into babies, crying about how horrible the name is.

I like the name. It is my kind of humor. It sounds like a name that I would give my fantasy team.

The name change is also great for the team, financially. Let’s be honest, no one was talking about the Zephyrs until the Baby Cakes came into play. Now, merchandise is flying off the shelves.

Fans who dislike the name should look at it this way… when a team loses to the Baby Cakes, they will think to themselves, wow, we just lost to a team that is called the Baby Cakes.

I can see where fans get frustrated with the name. This is what I have been hearing this past week from multiple frustrated fans: It makes New Orleans sound like all we do here is celebrate Mardi Gras. We have more to offer than that, and why couldn’t we just call them the New Orleans King Cakes, instead of the Baby Cakes?

I agree with them on those points, mainly the first, but come on people. It is a minor league baseball team, not the pros. Hey, it could be worst, we could be the El Paso Chihuahuas — which, yes, is another minor league baseball team. To see some of the other bizarre minor league team names, just go to the MiLB website. You will consider the team lucky to be called the Baby Cakes.

Besides, we have more to worry about in the sports world than the Baby Cakes, like the New Orleans Pelicans starting their season 3-10, but that is a story for another time.

So, instead of whining and fussing about how bad the name is, enjoy it, and have a sense of humor.



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