Calling All Would-Be Mannequins…Submit Your Videos!

Watch the Florida State University basketball team’s Mannequin Challenge video, featuring St. Paul’s own Harrison Prieto. (source: Twitter @fsuhoops)

(COVINGTON, LA.) — Recently, a new trend has become very popular in American society. The Mannequin Challenge is an activity where participants take a video of themselves as if they were mannequins frozen in a certain activity. Because of this trend’s new-found fame, The Paper Wolf has decided to host its very first Mannequin Challenge Competition.

All sports teams, extracurricular clubs, student groups, and faculty members are encouraged to participate in the event (with a special shout out to the Math Department, who loves to do things together as a group).

To participate, video your group posing like mannequins while playing the clean version of “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd. When finished with the video, participants must post it on Twitter and tag @thepaperwolf so their video can be judged. If you’ve already created a video, no need to make a new one. Just retweet it and tag @thepaperwolf.

For ideas on how to get really creative, check out the video created by the BYU women’s gymnastics team, where team members are frozen in time while balancing in various difficult positions.

All entries are due by Friday, December 9.

For more information, email


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