What Not to Get Your Teen This Christmas

Buying Christmas gifts for teenage boys can be very complex to contemplate sometimes. We teenagers like to change our minds often, and parents don’t know how to make us happy. Although this list won’t help you find that perfect gift, this will at least give you an idea on what NOT to get for your son this Christmas.

samsungAnything Samsung

To be honest, I don’t know a single person who still uses a Samsung device. Whoever does must not watch the news or must be okay with their pocket becoming a ticking time bomb. However, Samsung VR (Virtual Reality) would be a good gift for your son…NOT. Because it’s Samsung, it’s probably defective.

•   •   •

itunes-gift-cardsGift Cards

First off, who still uses iTunes to buy their music? Gift Cards are great-sounding gifts, however they rarely ever get used by us teens. The only acceptable gift card would be a Visa Gift Card. Visa Gift Cards are those amazing little debit cards that you can use anywhere.

•   •   •


The unfortunate reality of today’s teens is that they do not like to read. I repeat, they do not like to read. Please do not assume this and get them books that they will never even bother to think about opening, except during SSR (mandatory sustained silent reading at the beginning of second period). Please, I speak for nearly all of the teenagers out there, and they are absolutely tired of all the books. If your kid likes to read, you will be able to tell.

•   •   •


This item is a year past its prime. Parents are not usually in the loop of what’s in and what’s out, but the Hoverboard has been out for almost a year now. Don’t try and think you’re being a hero by getting your child one; you’re not. I also know that no parent wants their child literally riding around on an Improvised Explosive Device (IED), so take my advice and just don’t even get to that point.

•   •   •

Baby Cakes Season Tickets

Just no. I have no other words.




•   •   •

crock-potAnything You Know We Won’t Use

Last year, my mother got me a useless sleep sound machine that I never used. Just for advice, don’t waste your money on something we may use once, if that. For example, don’t get us soap or something of that nature, because no teen wants to tell  their friends that they got soap for Christmas.



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