The Paper Wolf Hosts Annual March Madness Bracket Tournament Challenge

Duke’s Grayson Allen goes up for a layup contested by N.C. State’s Maverick Rowan (Getty Images)

The NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament Bracket will be released Sunday, March 12, featuring Kansas, Villanova, UCLA, and Gonzaga as the currently predicted four number-one seeds. The Paper Wolf will be hosting a March Madness competition on, with the winner receiving a $25 gift card to Best Buy. All students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to compete.

Here are the rules:

1) Click the Bracket Challenge link here, or do so manually on by searching for the group “The Paper Wolf 2017”

2) Enter “thepaperwolf” as the password. Don’t get cute and include the quotation marks or you won’t get in.

3) Try to fill out the perfect bracket. Good luck; nobody has EVER done it.

4) That’s it! You’re in. Keep the bracket names G-rated, or you’ll be kicked out. You’re limited to TWO entries, so don’t be afraid to go crazy on some upset picks. All of your picks have to be made by the first game of the Round of 64 (March 15) or YOUR BRACKET WILL NOT BE COUNTED.

Once again, the deadline to set your bracket is March 15.


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