What’s a School Mascot Without a Name?

The 2016-17 wolf busts a  dance move, “The Funky Chicken,” for the parade-goers during the Carrollton parade on Feb. 19, 2017. (Photo courtesy Shelby Russ)

(COVINGTON,La) — The St. Paul’s School mascot has been around since the Key Club raised money to buy the first costume in 1979. But what do the fans and crowds at the parades call the wolf? The wolf needs a name.

The 2007-08 wolf dances at a pep rally to enliven school spirit. (photo: 2008 Conifer)

“I don’t think the mascot ever had an official name,” said Pierre Simoneaux, Marching Wolves Drum Major during the 1981-82 school year. “We called him ‘Wolfe’ (pronounced wo͝olf-ē) because back then, we had an annual variety show that used that name for a theme each year – like ‘Wolfe goes to Washington’ or ‘The Wolfe Awards.’”

The Wolf grabs attention from the crowds in parades and students during football games, spreading the school spirit from St. Paul’s to New Orleans.

The 2016-17 wolf strikes his classic pose for the fans in the stands during a football game wearing Michael Doherty’s football Jersey to encourage Michael’s recovery. (photo courtesy Zac Russ)

“Not many schools around this area have a mascot, and I think it adds a nice addition to the band and all that. He really gets the crowd going,” band director Andrew Moran  said.

“He’s a hype-man,” junior Matthew Endres said, “At football games and at parades, you see him dancing and doing cartwheels and jumping all over the place. That’s how you show school spirit.”

“It’s important for a band to have a school’s mascot accompany them along a parade route; it really invigorates and gets the crowd involved in a performance,” junior band member Lester Guttuso said.

Those playing the role of the wolf strive to give character to the football team, the Marching Wolves and the overall school community, with the additional goal of putting fear in opponents on the field and floor.

John Rice, from the class of 1987 was mascot during his senior year. (Photo: 1986 Conifer)

“It was great, you know,” John Rice, the wolf of 1986-87 said. “You just get high-fived by people and dance. I was in front of everyone and felt very charged up. It was a whole adrenaline rush.”

But for all this effort through the years, the wolf still needs an official name. The St. Paul’s community has considered naming the wolf by using alliteration; an example of this would be Pierre The Pelican. Another approach to naming the wolf would be using the “Mike The Tiger” approach. Mike the Tiger got his name from the man who bought the tiger as a cub and brought it to LSU’s campus, Mike Chambers.

If you have an idea for the wolf’s name, submit your suggestion to zachary.russ.2018@st.pauls.com, and the Marching Wolves and Golden Blues will choose the top five contenders. The Paper Wolf will then offer the names to the student body for a vote.

The 2016-17 wolf made live TV during Mardi Gras at the Zulu parade aired on WDSU on Feb. 28, 2017. (Photo courtesy Zac Russ)


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