Matthew Stalter Aims to Build on Student Council with Bid for President

Stalter poses for a picture at the World War II Museum during a junior class field trip. This picture is used on all of his campaign flyers. (Photo courtesy Matthew Stalter)

(COVINGTON, La.) — Campaigning for positions on next year’s Student Council Executive Board is in full swing, and, unlike last year, this year’s race for Student Body President will be contested.

Matthew Stalter, a junior at St. Paul’s, has launched a bid for the position, countering Ashton Van Deventer and is motivated by a desire to build upon what the Student Council has achieved thus far.

“I want to see new things next year,” Stalter said. “I want to do things that haven’t been done before.”

Further, Stalter has distinguished himself at St. Paul’s as an involved student. For the past four years, he’s played soccer, achieving “Captain” status twice consecutively. Also, Stalter has attended an LASC (Louisiana Association of Student Councils) conference along with three LYS (Louisiana Youth Seminar) conventions during his time with the Student Council.

“I got appointed on the Council last year,” Stalter said, “and I’ve gone to LASC with the executive board and did a lot there. During the football season I also helped out a lot with selling game towels and heading that project with Will (Murphy), and I played a big part in Challenge Night. Basically, a lot of small things behind the scenes.”

Amid the posters, pamphlets and stickers that cover the St. Paul’s campus during every year’s leadership week, Stalter has decided to focus his campaign on the proposition of new ideas.

“I want to do three-on-three basketball tournaments during lunch,” Stalter said, “and Field Day…I want to try and get that against SSA.”

Looking at the more broad aspect of being Student Body President, Stalter has vowed to keep alive the good precedents that have been set by previous Student Council leaders, and build onto them.

Stalter’s campaign posters span across the picnic tables under the Wolfdome. (Photo: Luc Hebert)

“(The Student Council) can very easily go upward, or it can go downward,” Stalter said. “In the future, I honestly believe that the only direction is up. We have a good council, and we have a lot of guys that know what they’re doing and have been in there for a while. Overall, I think things are going to go well this year, and I truly believe that, if elected, I can be the driving force behind that.”

The school-wide elections for the Executive Board will be held tomorrow morning (April 6), and will offer ballots and speeches for the contested President, Vice President and Secretary positions, along with the uncontested Treasurer position.


Editor’s Note: For questions concerning Mr. Stalter’s campaign, please contact him at For any questions concerning Mr. Van Deventer’s campaign, please contact him at

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  1. […] Matthew Stalter is currently a junior at SPS and has been a member of Student Council for nearly two years. He attended Christ Episcopal School before coming to SPS.  As for his extracurricular activities, Stalter is a member of the SPS Soccer program. He has also attended an LASC (Louisiana Association of Student Councils) conference along with three LYS (Louisiana Youth Seminar) conventions during his time with the Student Council. He believes that the Student Council is in a very good position to succeed this coming school year, and that his new and out-of-the-box ideas will change the impact that Student Council has on the student body for the better. […]



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