True Guitar Hero Seeks Guitar Donations for Summer Program

Image: Tchefuncte Living Magazine

(COVINGTON, La.) — This summer, St. Paul’s student Cullen Irwin has decided to spend his time on others instead of himself. He has committed himself to teaching guitar to children three days a week at Christ Episcopal’s at-risk children’s summer camp and is seeking guitar donations from the community.

Irwin is an experienced guitarist; he has been playing for a long time and regularly practices. He even took lessons from the guitarist of the rock band, “Better than Ezra.” He also does various musical activities such as a Camp Jam, a week long music camp on a college campus in Atlanta.

“Because the list of songs I would like to learn is endless, I am always able to pick out a new song and play it until I master it,” said Irwin to Tchefuncte Living Magazine. “Also, I enjoy when my family and friends come over and ask me to play songs. Now that my confidence in playing has grown, my favorite part of playing guitar is improvisation.”

Irwin plans to use his expertise and interest in guitar in teaching the young children of the Christ Episcopal camp. He is requesting that anybody who can, donate their old guitars, so that the kids can use them at the camp. He is also asking for monetary donations so he can buy guitars for the camp, as well.

“Because I enjoy guitar so much, I want to introduce this hobby to others,” said Irwin to Tchefuncte Living Magazine. “My plan is to refurbish any donated guitars with polishing and new strings…I will use these guitars to introduce elementary students to the basics of guitar.”

Guitar is not the only activity Irwin is focused on. He is also heavily involved in academics. Likewise, he is an avid Pelicans fan, as well, and goes to games whenever he can. He is also an enthusiast of the famous guitarist, Slash, who is known for his wicked guitar skills. Cullen also admires the basketball player, Jimmy Butler, because of his hard work and dedication.

“My academic workload is pretty heavy, so I have to manage my time and not procrastinate,” said Irwin to Tchefuncte Living Magazine. “Handling my workload this way helps me have time for pets in the afternoon, friends on the weekend, and as many pelicans games I can make.”

Irwin is currently asking for donations and is perfecting his musical talent for the Christ Episcopal summer camp. To help Irwin by donating a used guitar or a monetary donation, contact him at 985-789-8811.  


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