New Beach Volleyball Club Makes Waves on Campus

The official Beach Patrol wind breaker and visor. (Photo from

(COVINGTON, La.) — Out of all the clubs on campus, one of the most exciting and inconspicuous is the beach volley club “Beach Patrol,” which was started just over a month ago. The students currently practice every sunday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Digg’s Volleyball Complex near Playmakers.

The club was started by three St. Paul’s students, Jack Nunez, Forge Mathes and Luc Hebert as a way to get their fellow students to come together and enjoy a quality game of volleyball. Together, they call the team the “Beach Patrol.” The team has even gone so far as offering visors and windbreakers to their fellow teammates. As of now, the club is an intramural sport and the members play each other in teams of two in a tournament style bracket. Sign-ups are years round, and the club is open to anybody interested in the sport and willing to pay the three dollar entry fee.

“Other than the fact that it helps my resume, there isn’t a more radical sport than beach volleyball… I think everybody in the grade appreciates beach volleyball and that appreciation can overcome all racial and cultural problems that we have in the school,” Nunez said. “We have gotten so good that I would put myself against anybody in nationals come April.”

Along with getting some fun exercise in, many of the members have noticed themselves getting better at the sport. These classmates are united through the sportsmanship and fun of beach volleyball.

“We started this club a few months ago because there was no way to play beach volleyball and we just wanted to play beach volleyball,” Mathes said.

The students have also been inspired and mentored by various beach volleyball players that play at the court. One man named Patricio especially left an impact on them as he graced them with his presence and expertise on volleyball.

“Anyway, we have provided the student body with the chance to play beach volleyball, which is actually a little bit different than regular volleyball because you’re on the beach and the rules are different and honestly it’s more fun,” Mathes said. “It also provides the student body with a chance to get outside and exercise, build leadership, and to have fun. It’s really a great way for us to come together and form unity. We were looking for something different and it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do but I’ve never been able to,”

The club will be operating every Sunday for the rest of the school year, and will practice sporadically throughout the summer. For more information, contact Jack Nunes, Forge Mathes, or Luc Hebert on campus.


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