Campus Clubs Offer Fellowship for Students

Clubs Montage

(COVINGTON, La) — From helping out the Covington community with weekly service, to playing Quidditch after school with fellow classmates, there is a club at St. Paul’s for everyone.

“There are clubs all around St. Paul’s,” said sophomore Kelsey Whittemore. “If you don’t think there is a club here for you, you’re not looking hard enough. That is what makes St. Paul’s a great school.”

There are nearly 50 activities, athletics, and organizations total at SPS. Activities around campus are ongoing and never seem to stop. Joining a club can change the whole experience of being a part of St. Paul’s.

“Being in a club is awesome because you are surrounded by your friends constantly,” said sophomore Rhyne Sepcich. “Joining the Comic Book club changed my experience of being at St. Paul’s.”

Some students may be into comics, other students may be into to fun-filled games just to pass the time, such as ping pong.

“I’ve been a member of the Ping Pong club since the day it was made,” said sophomore Kent Shiell. “It is a very fun extra curricular activity to do after school, and everyone should join. As a tennis player, it is always more fun when you win a competitive game. That is what makes ping pong so fun for me.”

Other highly competitive club sports around SPS include the Bowling Wolves, which recently became an LHSAA sport.

“I joined the Kegler Wolves two years ago,” said sophomore Jackson Cretin. “When I first came to St. Paul’s, I didn’t know if there was going to be a sport for me to play. Luckily, I found the Bowling Wolves.

For students that are looking to get outside more, relax, have fun, but not get too worked up, the Golfing Wolves is always an option.

“I first started golfing about two years ago, and I joined the Golfing Wolves this year,” said sophomore Blake Vallee. “If anyone is looking for something to do after school, they should try golf because it is fun and easy to meet new people.”

There are a number of clubs that involve creativity, for example: Art Club, Beowolves Writer’s Club, Comic Book Club, Graphic Design Club, and the Guerrilla Wolves Video Club, just to name a few.

Guerrilla Wolves is a great club because you meet a lot of new people who are interested in the same things as you,” said sophomore John Meyers. “It is also fun being able to make weekly news shows for the world to see.”

For information on the LHSAA athletic teams at St. Paul’s, visit the Athletics page on To contact the moderator for information on any of the St. Paul’s extracurricular clubs or activities, click on the activity name below.

Art Club Andrew Dart Co-Moderator
Beowolves Writer’s Club Brad Guillory Moderator
Boys’ State Kim Gardner Moderator
Chess Club Andrew Moran Moderator
Comic Book Club Alex Lacour Moderator
Computer Club Rachel Peak Moderator
Concert, Brass, Jazz or Marching Band Andrew Moran Moderator
Engineering Club Rachel Peak Moderator
First Robotics Club Pam Cullen Moderator
Fly-fishing Trevor Watkins Moderator
Frassati Society (Outdoor Club) Austin Ashcraft Moderator
Guerilla Wolves Video Club Brad Guillory Moderator
Key Club Trevor Watkins Moderator
Lasallian Youth Leaders Myrle Wiggins Moderator
Marian Players (theater) Denny Charbonnet Director
Mu Alpha Theta Pam Cullen Moderator
National Honor Society Kristin LaGraize Moderator
National Jr. Honor Society Gina Hall Moderator
Paper Wolf – outside of class Christi Simoneaux Moderator
Quidditch Andrew Dart Moderator
Sea-Perch (underwater robotics) Julie Beck Moderator
Spanish Club Liz Brett Moderator
Spanish National Honor Society Kim George Moderator
Student Council Joanna Case Moderator
Student Hosts Karen Hebert Moderator
Ultimate Frisbee Mark Richards Head Coach
VEX Pre-freshmen Robotics Julie Beck Moderator
Wolves for Life (March for Life) Tom Lahey Moderator
Wolves of Fury (ping-pong) Robert Simpson Moderator
Wolves on Wheels (Shell Eco-Car) John Carambat Moderator
Young Lawyers Club Brian Logarbo Co-Moderator
Youth in Government Kim Gardner Moderator



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