Get Involved Day Provides Options, Opportunities for St. Paul’s Students

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(COVINGTON, La.)  On Tuesday, Aug. 22, St. Paul’s students were given the opportunity during their lunch period to survey and sign up for the myriad of extracurricular offerings available at the school. Known as Get Involved Day, many campus organizations, both new and returning, had the opportunity to show off their skills by setting up tables and creating a proposal worthy of recruiting student passersby.

Sixty clubs participated in the event beside and within Founder’s Circle, and the sidewalks were filled with a mob of potential members seeking an organization.

One new club added to the 2017-2018 school year’s extracurricular roster included the Bass Fishing Club, which was started by junior Luke Paille.

“It is a chapter of the Student Angler Federation,” Paille said. “We will put on and participate in Bass Fishing Tournaments.”

To join the chapter, there is a slight fee for dues.

“The fee is normally $25, but we are accepting sponsorships to offset the cost to join the club.”

According to Paille, though, the Bass Fishing Club is currently awaiting approval from the school’s Business Office on various insurance policies and club activities.

Another change implemented this school year was the Student Hosts becoming a division of the Development Office, rather than both the Administration and Public Relations Departments.

“A primary function of the Student Hosts is to serve as ambassadors at special events, like Jazz ‘N Roll,” Advancement Office Assistant, Mimi Monteiro said. “Since our office oversees those events, it made sense for Shellie Campo, Director of Special Events; Danielle Lavie, the Development Director; and myself to moderate the Student Host Group.”

According to Monteiro, this management change will not implement any changes to the club’s structure.

“The transition has been seamless,” Monteiro said. “We have been working with Mrs. Hebert as a team on special events for many years.”

photos by Mimi Monteiro



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