St. Paul’s Student Media Prepares for Journalism Conference

The Journalism Education Association will hold its 2017 journalism conference on the Loyola Campus on Sept. 28. (Photo:

(NEW ORLEANS, La.) The Journalism Education Association (JEA) will hold a conference on Thursday, Sept. 28, on the campus of Loyola University in New Orleans. The JEA’s goal is to lead students on professionalism and provide educational opportunities.

This year, the St. Paul’s Journalism I, II, and III classes along with the Yearbook class and members of the Media Production classes will attend the JEA Conference for the first time. Paper Wolf Editor-in-Chief Luc Hebert, will also attend his first conference with The Paper Wolf as the editorial board head.

“The Paper Wolf has traveled to some conferences in the past,” Hebert says. “We have mostly gone to the Louisiana Scholastic Press Association Conference at LSU. This conference will be a little different for us, and hopefully we can gain some new insights from it.”

Hebert goes on to explain what he sees the Journalism team learning from the conference, and how they plan to gain educational experiences.

“This year, we are trying to make it an initiative to go to more conferences and get a wider exposure to different frames of mind when it comes to journalism,” Hebert said. “Obviously there are a lot of different things we can accomplish at this conference. There are different seminars  where we can learn about media ethics and what not. Hopefully this will be a good experience for us, and we all learn a lot.”

Paper Wolf News Editor Colin Rice explains how he hopes the conference will expose him to new ideas.

“I expect to learn more through listening to the ideas of others and comparing them to that of my own. Hopefully, their ideas will differ from mine,” Rice said.

Members of the aforementioned student media classes will travel to New Orleans for the conference this Thursday. Following the conference, students will have the opportunity to compete for JEA awards and scholarships in January. The group will also travel to LSU for the annual Louisiana Scholastic Press Association conference in November and is working on plans to attend the Columbia Scholastic Press Association convention in New York in March. 


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