Schoolwide ACT Prep Benefits SPS Student Scores

(COVINGTON, La.) St. Paul’s ACT scores have consistently been above the state average of 19.5. Through preparation and practice in core classes (English, science, and math), SPS hopes to continue to raise average scores, with the seniors’ average scores rising from a 23.2 in 2007  to a 25.5 in 2017.

Junior Chris Wilson, who scored a 34 out of 36 on the ACT, believes SPS classes prepared him for the test with a variety of ACT prep activities.

“In English classes, Bro. Ray (Bulliard) and Coach (Joe) Dickens prepared me for the English and reading sections of the ACT,” Wilson said. “In Bro. Ray’s class, we did weekly ACT reading and English tests and went over a lot of strategies. It really helped me while taking the test. In Coach Dickens class, we went over the rules of grammar, which was very beneficial to my English section of the ACT.”

Wilson also goes on to explain how the math and science departments prepared him for the STEM sections of the ACT.

“In Algebra II and Pre-Algebra, Ms. (Michelle) Baudoin and Mrs. (Susan) Jordan did a very good job preparing me for the majority of the math section,” Wilson said. “Mr. (Richard) Pichon also prepared me for the math section of the test. He created his own Geometry ACT preparation packets that he graded, which helped me take it seriously. For the science sections of the test, Coach (Lee) Pierre and Mr. (Brad) Bessetti help me understand and interpret the graphs.”

Wilson also urges people to get outside tutoring for the ACT and thinks it will help students achieve their goals and get higher scores.

“After taking the pre-ACT as a sophomore, I was able to understand what I needed to study to raise my score,” Wilson said. “By getting ACT tutoring, I was able to pinpoint the parts that I need to focus on and study. St. Paul’s offers great ACT preparation, but I still think the one-on-one connection of a tutor is important, too.”

St. Paul’s continues ACT preparation at all grade levels. All seniors take the ACT on campus Tuesday, Oct. 3. The junior class will take the ACT on campus later in the second semester.

The school also acts as a public test location site, with upcoming test dates scheduled for Oct. 28 and Dec. 9. Registration is closed for the October test date, but students can register for the December test date at



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